Why Do People Wear Green on St Patrick’s Day?

Elmira | 02 - 20 - 2021
St Patrick’s Day

There are many popular versions of stories related to St. Patrick’s Day and the green. People believed that green signifies Ireland’s nickname The Emerald Isle and green also represents the Irish flag which has a green stripe, and traditionally, green symbolizes Catholicism of Ireland. On St. Patrick’s Day for the past 40 years, green is compared with shamrock, the Chicago River, and the color of spring. According to some reports, blue was the first color associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

St Patrick’s Day Colors

Every March 17 aka St. Patrick’s Day is all about green decorations, green jewelry and clothes, green beer, green glasses, and green doughnuts. Did you know? On St. Patrick’s Day, you will be pinched if you don’t wear green.

But protection is not only a reason to wear green during the Irish holiday. 

What Was the Original Color for St Patrick’s Day?
  • A. Orange
  • B. Blue
  • C. Green
  • D. White

Before the 17th century, St. Patrick Day was not celebrated as a significant drinking holiday. Earlier it was observed as a religious holiday and celebrated only in Ireland. Green wasn’t a part of this celebration. The green was also associated with political revolt and tales of mischievous leprechauns.

Many people believed that this day is associated with the foremost patron saint of Ireland who died. One story of the sea of green you see on St. Patrick’s Day is about Saint Patrick himself. He used the shamrock to illustrate the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish. There wasn’t any proof to support the story. Several artworks depict St. Patrick holding a cross and a spring of shamrocks.

St Patrick’s Day Pinching Tradition

In the early 1700s, another story was created. Folklore stated Irish Americans (who started the first St. Patrick’s Day ceremonies and invented many modern St. Patrick’s Day traditions)proclaimed stories about leprechauns. It was believed that wearing green could make you invisible to the little evil creatures or leprechauns. If you do not wear green, a leprechaun will jump out and pinch you.

What Is the True Color of St Patrick’s Day?

Previously, blue was known as the original color of St. Patrick and blue symbolized Ireland’s chivalry. Then why are people obsessed with green rather than blue? Blue was replaced by green due to Ireland’s nickname, the Emerald Isle, and became synonymous with shamrocks.

Why Does a Leprechaun Wear Green?

A leprechaun is commonly described as a bushy, wizened old man who dressed in green and wore buckled shoes and a leather apron. Some leprechauns described wearing pointed hats and smoking a pipe.

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