Shamrock Facts:10 Interesting Things About Shamrocks

Elmira | 02 - 24 - 2021

Shamrocks are not only associated with Irish people and St. Patrick’s Day, but they are popular plants and have a fascinating history. If you are all set to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, why not spend 2 minutes to find out the astonishing facts about Shamrocks? 

Amazing Shamrock Facts

We have rounded facts about the plant and what it truly represents and how it became a lucky symbol, and more. Let’s get started!

‘Shamrock’ and ‘Clover’ Aren’t the Same 

Mainly Irish people confuse the Shamrock with clover. Both are two different clover plants due to their number of leaves. Clover is known as a lucky four-leafed plant. Shamrock only has three leaves, and its scientific name is Trifolium Repens. Four-leafed clover is a rare plant.

How Many Leaves Has a Shamrock Got?
  • A. Two
  • B. Three
  • C. Four
  • D. Five

Shamrock Meaning

Did you know where the word “shamrock” comes from? The term Shamrock has been derived from the age-old Irish word seamrog. It means summer plant because it grows in summer. Some people believed the term shamrock was derived from the Gaelic, which means “little clover”. 

St. Patrick Used the Shamrock for Teaching

St. Patrick utilized a three-leaf clover to demonstrate the concept of the trinity to people and spread Christianity while he traveled across Ireland. He said the three-leaves represent the holy trinity, including the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

The Shamrock Is Associated with Goddess

The shamrock was initially related to the mythical Celtic goddess Ana, also referred to as Anu, a goddess of Ireland.

The Leaves in a Lucky Clover Are Symbolic

According to Ireland, hundreds of years ago, the four-leaf clover was a symbol of luck and indicated faith, love, hope, and success.

It Is Not the Official Symbol of Ireland

As shamrock appeared throughout history, it is widely known as a symbol of Ireland and is commonly recognized as an unofficial symbol. But harp is the real national symbol of Ireland, not the shamrock.

Shamrocks Are Lucky, but Four Leafed Clovers Are Luckier

It has commonly been assumed that 4-Leaf clovers are luckier than shamrocks because they are rare. The fact is you can find one four-leaf clover in 10000 three-leaf clovers.

The Shamrock Is Still Used in Weddings Ceremony

The ancient custom and traditions are still followed in Ireland because placing shamrock in the wedding bouquet of an Irish bride is always observed as it is believed shamrock is a lucky emblem.

Grow Shamrock Indoors

Shamrock brings good luck. Then who doesn’t want to grow at home? Shamrock can be planted in homes that need direct sunlight, cooler temperatures, and not wet soil.

Celtic Priests Were Huge Believers in Clovers

As stated by Irish legend, the ancient Druids believe that if they carried a three-leaf clover that helped to see evil spirits so that they could escape from them. They used clovers to cure the sickness and in spiritual rituals.

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