Why Do Shirts Have a Tiny Fabric Loop on the Back of the Shirt?

Elmira | 02 - 18 - 2021

Loop is popular among naval sailors because they didn’t have separate wardrobes or space to store their uniforms. Hence these loops were created so that they could hang their shirts from a hook. 

The loop is a small space between the shoulder blades, the place where the yoke or upper back of the shirt meets the pleat. Loops are seen in many shirts or dresses. Do you know why there is a loop on the back of dress shirts? Let’s uncover the mystery behind it.

Purpose of the Loop on the Back of Shirts

What Are the Hanging Loops on Clothes Called?
  • A. Collar Loops
  • B. Locker Loops
  • C. Closet Loops
  • D. All of the Above

You might have noticed the loop as many times as you pick the shirt to wear. Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of a loop on the back of a shirt? The garments industry has performed many different techniques over the years so that people get benefited more than elevating their look. Loops were mainly used to hang garments using a hook and also to dry their clothes.

The loops were not only famous among the Navy sailors. In the 1960s apparel manufacturer GANT introduced a loop as a locker loop to their dress shirts to customers including Ivy League college students. They started to hang their garments in lockers to avoid getting wrinkled. Later, the loop was placed on the back of the collar.

After some time students started symbolizing the loop as their relationship status. If a man’s shirt didn’t have a loop means he started seeing someone. Women used to wear their partner’s things to indicate she was taken. For example, a woman wearing her boyfriend’s scarf means she was in a relationship.

A new trend was followed in the ‘60s that enthusiastic partners tore the loop off spontaneously. During that period women used to complain about their Moss brand shirts that their loops were extremely strong and couldn’t rip off.

For people who wished to have a loop without destroying a shirt, one mail-order industry provided loops to people in the mail.

Still, loops can be found in many brand shirts, though they have no significance.

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