Why Does Confined Space Make Some People Panic? What Is It Called?

Emma | 01 - 31 - 2020
Why Does Confined Space Make Some People Panic? What Is It Called

Claustrophobia is the fear of suffocation or the feel of being trapped in a confined space  

What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is an anxiety disorder that involves an irrational fear of enclosed spaces. The individual who has Claustrophobia may suffer from severe panic attacks until the environment changes. Agoraphobia is opposite to Claustrophobia. The fear of being in open space, or in a crowded place is called Agoraphobia.     

Medications to Avoid Claustrophobia

There is no medicine to stop the phobia but your physician may prescribe some antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. But psychotherapy can help overcome the fear, consult your doctor to know which therapy will work for you.

1. How to Help a Person With Claustrophobia?
  • A. Take them on an airplane ride.
  • B. Take them on a long trip in a car.
  • C. Embrace the person with warmth and talk them through the situation.  
  • D. Leave them alone.
  • Exposure therapy
  • Relaxation and visualization
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy 
  • Hypnotherapy 

Tips for Managing Claustrophobia

People with Claustrophobia always try to avoid the space that triggers their fear. It is good but that is a temporary solution, avoiding the situation will not solve the problem. What if you find yourself in a scary unavoidable situation?

  • Instead of resisting the attack and making it worse, accept the fear.
  • Visualize that you are in a free beautiful place when you encounter the phobia.
  • Remind yourself constantly that the anxiety will pass.
  • Take slow and deep breaths throughout time.

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