Why Is It Called Black Friday and Tips to Shop Like a Pro!

Ashley | 11 - 13 - 2021
Why Is It Called Black Friday

Do you know why it is called Black Friday? Are you looking for opportunities to shop like a pro this Black Friday?

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday falls the next day after Thanksgiving. Though Good Friday is also called Black Friday since Jesus was crucified on the said day, both these Fridays fall on different months. The Friday before Easter Sunday that falls in March or April is called Good Friday and refers to the day Jesus died before resurrecting on Sunday. The retail sale Friday falls in November on the Friday following Thanksgiving. 

Where Did the Term Black Friday Come From?

Black Friday had always been a day of mourning, and the God had given his only son to forgive the sins of humans and restore peace and humanity in the world. Though it was all part of the divine plan, the death of Jesus in Calvary just outside Jerusalem.

When Did Black Friday Start in the U.S?
  • A. 1951
  • B. 1952
  • C. 1953
  • D. 1954

The sale after Thanksgiving attracted tourists and locals to popular shopping streets to check out their wish lists without hurting their pockets. The Philadelphia police began using the term ‘Black Friday’ to express the difficulty they go through to manage the increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic mostly resulting in stampedes, people getting hurt, robbery, theft, molesting, and several other crimes. This is why the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday across the world. 

When Does Black Friday Sale Start?

Now that you know the meaning of Black Friday let’s find out more ways to shop efficiently this Black Friday

The 2021 Black Friday starts on November 26 officially but you can expect your favorite shops may begin their sale on Thirsty Thursdays and extend them until Cyber Mondays. So keep an eye out for offers and discounts to save yourself from a last-minute rush. Target, Walmart, and Costco have already begun their sale!

Make your list and your budget ahead of time and don’t get deviated from it when your eye catches something very nice but totally unnecessary. Make a note of pre-sale prices. Many stores usually double their prices and give a discount to sell the item for the same price as any other day. 

Be mindful of return policies, exchange offers, and product quality. Always get a receipt and gift receipt. Follow your beloved stores online via social media, newsletters, etc. Decide your time, entry, and exit. Being aware of the shop layout will make you an efficient shopper. 

Sign up for reward points, use shopping cards or bank cards to earn extra points, cashback, etc. Team up, a lot of people can cover a wide area at the same time. Never stand near the door, keep valuables safe and your goods stashed safely, don’t argue, keep digital flyers handy, and move out of the situation escalates. 

How to Shop Safely Online?

Cyber Mondays attract not only retailers but hackers also. Never enter a sketchy website, disable cookies, and use incognito mode. Pay via your bank’s website to keep your personal information secure. Don’t click on ads that sell lucratively priced branded products and Happy Shopping!!!

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