Yogo Sapphires – The Finest Sapphires in the World

Emma | 10 - 21 - 2020
Yogo Sapphires

Yogo sapphire is the most precious sapphire found in North America. It is considered as one of the finest sapphires in the world. It was first found accidentally by the gold prospectors back in the 1880s and then the sapphires eventually became the focus of the mining in the area. Check out the blog to know more about Montana Yogo Sapphire.

Origin of the Yoga Sapphires

The Yoga sapphire would have never existed without the geological processes that occurred in the Yogo sapphire mining area. They are found in a system of igneous intrusions called dikes. There are totally six main dikes that form the centre of the Yogo sapphire deposit and all are composed of a type of igneous rock called a ‘lamprophyre’.

Are Yogo Sapphires Valuable?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No


Montana Yogo Sapphires

These gemstones come from an only limited area, called Yogo Gulch Montana which is located in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. Montana is known as the ‘The Treasure State’ because it has so much mineral wealth.

Unlike other heat treated sapphires, Yogo sapphire is free of inclusion and its color is consistent throughout the stone.

Most of the world’s sapphires are heat treated to enhance the stone and to allow the true color and beauty to shine through the whole stone. But Yogo sapphires do not need this heat treatment as they formed deep in the earth and they were naturally heated. In fact, heating a Yogo sapphire is detrimental to its color, and the intense heat from a jeweler’s torch can lighten and destroy its beautiful and natural color. Yogo Sapphire’s color is one of the truest blues of sapphires available without treating, and is frequently referred to as “cornflower blue”.

The Yogo Sapphire gemstone remains one of the few natural sapphires that never need any kind of heat treatment. Yogo Sapphires are truly a natural wonder!

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