10 Fascinating Facts About Narwhals

Emma | 01 - 31 - 2022
Interesting Facts about the Narwha

Fascinating Facts About Narwhals

The Narwhal, also known as narwhale popularly nicknamed as unicorn of the sea, is one of the unique whale species commonly found in arctic coastal waters and rivers. The narwhal is one of two species that belongs to the Monodontidae family. Just like it’s tusks, this unique creature also has many incredible facts. Here are some of the fascinating facts about Narwhals. 

  1. No, it’s not tusks, it’s teeth! The ten feet protruding accessory that erupts from narwhals head is actually an inside-out tooth. The overgrown spiral tooth is hard on the inside and sensitive on the outside.  
  2. Narwhals are deep divers! Narwhals are one of the deepest diving whales in the world. It  can dive almost 5000 feet. 
  3. The average lifespan of narwhals is 25 years, but it can live up to 50 years. The longest lived narwhal is said to have lived between 105 and 125 years old.  
  4. Narwhals change their color as they get older. Baby narwhals are blueish gray in color, juveniles are darker blueish black, and adults are blotchy gray. Narwhals become completely white when they become older. This is one of the astonishing Narwhal facts. 
  5. Narwhal’s tusks contain 10 million nerves. Narwhals use its unique tooth as a sensory organ to detect temperature, pressure, and motion. But the exact purpose of it’s teeth is still a mystery. Only male narwhals have horns and they use their tusks to attract female narwhals. 
  6. Narwhals live in Russia, Greenland, Norway, and Canada. They are usually spotted in the Arctic circle. 
  7. Scientists say it’s difficult to study Narwhals because they live in the interior areas of the sea and they are harder to catch. 
  8. Unlike their close relative, beluga, narwhals are not held captive anymore. Narwhals were kept captives in 1960’s and 1970’s but all the narwhals that were kept in captivity died within months. 
  9.  Nearly 15,000 people per month search “are narwhals real” in Google. 
  10.  Climate change and oil and gas development are some of the threats narwhals face. 


Female Narwhals Don't Have a Tusk.
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