10 Halloween Rituals That Shouldn’t Exist

Ashley | 09 - 07 - 2021
Halloween Rituals

Being weird and spooky is the basic necessity during the Halloween season. But here are 10 downright confusing and satanic Halloween rituals you may not know.

Celtic Halloween Traditions

Famously known as Ireland and Scotland matchmaking tradition, this druid tradition requires eligible bachelors and bachelorettes to dig kale patches blindfolded. The kale stalk uprooted by them will determine the characteristics of their life partner.  

Halloween in Scotland

Do you know the history of matchmaking Halloween traditions in Scotland:

______ Involves Leaving the Door Open with Food on the Table?
  • A. Italy
  • B. France
  • C. Austria
  • D. Spain

Apple Peeling

Eligible men will peel apples leaving the center part untouched and throw these peels behind their back. It was believed the fallen peels will form a constellation of their partner’s name. If no name could be found then these bachelors will remain unmarried forever.


The next one is for the ladies, unmarried women would be called to dine together and whoever finds a ring on their plate of colcannon should be the next one to tie the knot.

Pagan Halloween Rituals

Pagans believed that humans could predict the future on Halloween by communicating with the dead. Thus, Irish people ate barmbrack with a cake concoction filled with items that can predict the future like a pea, a thimble, a piece of cloth, a matchstick, a coin, and a ring.

Wicca Halloween Rituals

The Wiccan follow a druid tradition similar to the Pagan Samhain tradition where they light bonfires, meditate, and offer prayers as a communion with the dead. They often leave empty chairs near these places for the dead to sit. Many families take up arranging altars, divination, seances and visit cemeteries. 

Chinese Halloween Traditions

The festival of the hungry ghost involved burning money and fruits. They may also burn other items of the dead with the belief that these burned items will reach them in heaven.  

Mexico Halloween Traditions

Day of the Dead is celebrated after the Day of the Innocents. Mexicans have shrines and whole buildings constructed to worship and offer tribute to the dead and arrange feasts for them. 

Other Weird Halloween Traditions Around the World

  1. Fave Dei Morti, Italy– People go to church leaving their house open with food served on the table for the dead to eat.
  2. Germany– People would hide knives during the entire week of Halloween to prevent the ghosts from injuring themselves.
  3. The Uk– Unmarried people are asked to stare at their reflection on a mirror in a dark room until the reflection of their future spouse appears. It is considered that if skeletons appeared in the mirror then the person would die alone.

Halloween Satanic Rituals

Since covens/people believe that the realm to the world of the dead opens on Halloween and humans can control and direct these wandering spirits on these days. There are a lot of occult activities that take place during this time like:

  • Animal Sacrifices
  • Blood Sacrifices
  • Burning certain personal items like hair, dress, and others.
  • Macabre rituals
  • Drawing upside down crosses

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