5 Most Expensive Halloween Costumes That Never Goes Out of Style

Iris | 09 - 02 - 2021
most expensive Halloween costume

With Halloween just around the corner, people are planning to celebrate it with a high-end Halloween costume. Halloween is one of the most important events all over the world. People from all over the country love to celebrate it with different types of costumes inspired by famous movie characters and so on. While most people order the costume online, some people prepare a customized rarest Halloween costume with the most expensive Halloween mask to have a unique look. Today, in our blog we have gathered the top 10 rarest Halloween costumes from the celebrity wardrobe. 

Top 7 Luxury Halloween Costumes 

  • Astronaut Outfit – $ 9 Million 

This might be unbelievable, but the astronaut suit is the most expensive Halloween costume which is sold at the price of $9 million based on the value given by Kennedy Space Center. This suit comes with all the accessories that are needed by the astronaut to complete the Halloween look. Not everyone can afford this look as it is more expensive than a car.

  • Morph Suit – $1.6 Million 

It might sound crazy but morph is one of the most expensive suits as it is enhanced with diamonds. This suit was designed by Gregor Lawson who created only 3 morph suits all around the world. In order to keep it unique, he created only 3 suits. The diamond suit gives a quite glittery look which makes it unique and increases its demand. 

What Is the Number One Most Expensive Halloween Costume?
  • A. Astronaut Outfit
  • B. Batman Outfit
  • C. Witch Costume
  • D. Chewbacca Costume
  • Robocop – $3,550

The most desired costume of Halloween. This cool high-end costume is made from ABS plastics and fiberglass, it is quite sturdy and weighs about 22lbs. It comes adjustable for wearers. If you wanna make an impressive appearance on Halloween then you can go for this cool robocop costume. 

  • BatMan – $2000

Batman costume is the most authentic costume loved by both children and adults. Since 1939, Batman is a superhero in Hollywood which has had much craze among the people. The original costume costs around $2000 as it comes with all the accessories which make it costs a fortune. Whereas there are replica ones which are sold at low prices.  

  • Iron man – $4,999 

We have already seen the Batman and Superman costumes, but Iron Man is a way far away from them. An eccentric billionaire who uses this expensive suit to fight crimes, terrorists, gods, and vengeful mad geniuses in the movie. The Iron Man outfit is made from polyurethane plastic, fiberglass resin, and most importantly it comes with LED lights and sound effects. Hence, it is worth its money. 


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