Top Trending Presidential Halloween Costumes You Should Know

Elmira | 09 - 05 - 2021
president Halloween costumes

Did you know? The White House is decorated with pumpkins that are carved into glowing jack-o’-lanterns. At the White House, Halloween is held as a fun tradition, organized by presidential administrations for more than 60 years. First Lady Mamie Eisenhower was credited for hosting a Halloween party at the White House. She decorated the building for the celebration in 1958. Since then, Halloween celebrations have become an enjoyable tradition in the White House. Presidents and their first ladies will welcome children at the White House. They offer gifts to trick or treaters. If you are looking for some political Halloween costumes ideas, you should read the blog to get some inspiration to make your Halloween memorable.

President Halloween Costumes

First Lady Mamie Eisenhower decked out the White House with goblins, broomsticks, skeletons, witches, and jack-o’-lanterns. Ever since, every president has hosted the Halloween celebration, like a tradition. Some people even started wearing president Halloween masks which are considered to be the dumbest Halloween costumes. Here’s how White House officials celebrate Halloween. 

Who Started the Tradition of Decorating the White House at Halloween?
  • A. Martha Washington
  • B. Mamie Eisenhower
  • C. Melania Trump
  • D. Louisa Adams

Patricia Nixon

Patricia Nixon, wife of Vice President Richard Nixon with her daughters Patricia and Julia celebrated Halloween at the White House. Her children’s costumes were made by Mrs. Nixon.

President Kennedy

On October 31, 1963, Caroline Kennedy and John F. Kennedy Jr. showed their Halloween costumes to their father John F. Kennedy. Caroline was wearing a witch’s mask over her face, a black cape, and a black checked skirt. She had a red-handled broomstick and wore red rain boots. His son also wore a fright costume and cone hat.

Halloween in Nixon’s White House

Nixon is another best example of an innovative effort to honor the tradition of Halloween. The Nixons family arranged a Halloween party for underprivileged kids from Washington. Tricia Nixon, daughter of President Nixon, greeted everyone who visited to trick or treat at the White House in 1969. Tricia Nixon distributed masks to guests. Tricia Nixon disguised as a gypsy in a purple and green gown with a purple harlequin mask.

Gerald Ford

Betty Ford, the wife of President Gerald Ford dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween in the President’s chair in 1974.


Amy Carter hosted a birthday party along with a Halloween theme at the White House and invited her 14 friends. A 16-foot jack-o’-lantern was placed at the entrance of the door. At this party, many dressed as witches.


At the Halloween party, pumpkins greeted the Reagans placed on the table near the door inscribed with the slogan “Stay the Course.”


The Bushes arranged a Halloween party for 600 children in 1989 on the South Lawn. Bush laughed at them and asked, “How many of you guys believe in ghosts? How many? You know, they say that there’s a ghost in this old house. And the most famous one, you know, is Abraham Lincoln. And Barbara and I haven’t seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln walking the halls, but this is our first Halloween in the White House, so maybe we’ll see him tonight.”


Clinton hosted annual Halloween costume parties for staff and friends, along with the first lady’s birthday. President James Madison and First Lady Dolley Madison’s costumes were considered one of the best Halloween costumes in 1993 at the White House.


The Obamas greeted trick or treaters from local schools and kids from military families every year. Obama handed out presents with presidential M&Ms, dried fruit, and cookies to 2,000 children. Children were dressed up as superheroes, fairies, and pirates. First Lady Michelle Obama wore a leopard top and furry cat ears on head. 


First Lady Melania Trump held a Halloween party and invited local schoolchildren and military families to the White House. They decorated the White House with big spiders and webs, haystacks, pumpkins, corn stalks, and spooky tree branches.

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