10 Interesting Christmas Eve Tradition Ideas for Your Family

Vannessa | 11 - 30 - 2020
Interesting Christmas Eve Tradition Ideas for Your Family

Christmas is a season of snow-spread roads, twinkling lights all around the place, gifts, fun, and a whole lot of happy memories with Christmas traditions. Right here, we have clubbed some of the most interesting Christmas Eve traditions for you and your family will love.

1.Carol Singing

Children and teens group together and sing carols by visiting every house in the neighborhood. This is not only fun but offers a feeling of togetherness.

2.Church Visit

Church visits on Christmas Eve are really special and can’t afford to be missed.

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3.Christmas Cookie Baking

Baking Christmas cookies is one of the jolly-good activities for both kids and adults. Using cream fillings to draw Christmas trees and Santas over these cookies is a tradition that is super-entertaining.

4.Playing Board Games

As the entire family gathers during Christmas, it is a fun tradition to play games like Ticket to Ride, Ludo, and Monopoly.

5.Gift Unwrapping

An age-old tradition that is still alive and fresh. No matter how much you age, unwrapping gifts from parents on Christmas Eve is the best feeling ever.

6.Night Drive Through the City Roads

With holiday decor and Christmas lights gleaming all over the city, there can’t be a better time to go for a drive. 

7.Binge-Watching Christmas Movies

Well, Hollywood has blessed us with innumerous Christmas movies to binge-watch on Christmas Eve. Catching up with movies like Home Alone, and the Snowman has in fact become a tradition. 

8.Prepping a Family Feast

A big-fat Christmas Eve meal with the entire family has remained a tradition for ages.

9.Playing Treasure Hunt

Instead of simply exchanging gifts, many families and parents conduct a treasure hunt for their children to find their Christmas presents. We are pretty sure finding clues to finally pick their gifts is a great Christmas Eve activity.

10.Snowball Games

Snow fights with friends is a timeless tradition this holiday season.

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