10 Sustainable Shoe Brands That Make Shoes from Recycled Materials

Maithily A | 10 - 16 - 2020
Sustainable Shoe brands

When it comes to eco-friendly shoes, there are many things to look for – What are sustainable shoe brands? What are environmentally friendly shoes made from? How long can you wear them? You can take the guilt out of buying another pair of shoes and sneakers from the top ethical shoe brands. 

Did You Know These Shoes and Sneaker Facts? 

  • Every year more than 23,000,000,000 (23 billion) pairs of shoes are manufactured
  • 300 million pairs are thrown out annually
  • It takes 30-40 years for a pair of shoes to completely decompose in a landfill
  • Sneakers are one of the wasteful retail items
  • Today’s shoppers are conscious of environmental concerns
  • Sustainable shoe brands offer eco-friendly alternatives

Sustainable Shoe Brands That Make Eco-friendly Shoes

1. Cariuma

Cariuma makes sustainable shoes that are made entirely from natural and recycled materials including cork, sugarcane, bamboo, and recycled plastics. 

2. Reebok’s Cotton, Corn Collection

They are eco-friendly shoes made from plant=-based materials that are totally sustainable. Reebok’ cotton corn collections are USDA certified biobased product. They also come in 100% recycled packaging. 

This Brand's Mission Is to 'Make the World’s Lowest-Impact Sneakers.'
  • A. Rothy’s
  • B. Everlane
  • C. Allbirds
  • D. Nike

3. Veja 

One of the best ethical shoe companies known to have a great celebrity following including Meghan Markle. Veja makes eco-friendly shoes made from recycled materials. It is known to make vegan sneakers that are 100% organic. 

4. Rothy’s

This brand is known to make environmentally friendly shoes from plastic bottles destined for landfills. They make sustainable handbags, sneakers, and booties. 

5. Allbirds

This brand makes sneakers and shoes from recycled plastic bottles. Their wool runners are breathable, lightweight, odor minimizing, moisture-wicking, and temperature regulating. Even the laces are made from eco-friendly items. 

6. Tread by Everland

This brand uses 94.2% non-virgin plastic soles and linings made from recycled plastic bottles to make the world’s lowest-impact sneakers. This brand is celebrated for its product transparency.  

7. Adidas

Parley collection by Adidas is created from recycled plastics collected from the ocean. Parley sneakers are lightweight and offer great stability for running. 

8. Reformation 

They make sustainable shoes by using a vegetable-tanned process and chromium-free leather. Their sustainable shoes do not produce hazardous waste. 

9. Matisse

They use recycled leather and textile whenever possible. From heel wraps, welts, to uppers and other minor components, Matisse uses eco-friendly items. Their shoes are Peta-approved and vegan. 

10. Fortress of Inca

This is one of the best sustainable shoe brands that partners with the best leather shoemakers in the world to make hoes from natural materials. They have partnerships with shoemakers who make responsible production practices. 

As consumers, you must recognize the power of eco-friendly and sustainable shoe brands. Hope you like our list of fair trade shoe brands! Don’t forget to take our quiz on eco-friendly shoe brands!. It’s definitely worth attempting! Also, find famous shoes by picture and play our shoe identifier quiz.

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