4 Discontinued Beauty Brands That Don’t Exist Anymore

Emma | 10 - 23 - 2023

What is your favorite beauty brand? Have you got one in mind that you loved, but was discontinued? These days, you will see advertisements of many celebrities collaborating with beauty brands. Many of them become ambassadors of such brands. However, nothing hurts more than missing your favorite makeup product from your go-to brand. It becomes worse once a makeup brand discontinues its products completely. In this blog, let’s take a detailed look at some of the discontinued beauty brands. 

Discontinued Beauty Brands That Don’t Exist

There are lots of comparisons among beauty brands. And, there is tough competition among the five successful celebrity beauty brands in the world

But do you know why beauty brands are discontinued? There are several reasons behind makeup brands being discontinued, and one of them is the failure to meet customers’ expectations. In some situations, celebrities try some innovations with their makeup products, but their clients do not welcome them. This is yet another reason behind defunct beauty brands. In this section, we have compiled a discontinued makeup brands list for you. 

Failure to meet customers’ expectations is one of the reasons behind discontinued beauty brands.
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1. Dessert

You might have heard of the top 5 leading beauty product manufacturers in the world. But have you read about “Dessert” anywhere? The American actress and singer, Jessica Simpson, launched her own line of beauty products known as “Dessert.” Simpson wanted to add something special to her beauty brand because she knew that any beauty line must do something different from the other brands to be outstanding in the beauty industry. So, Dessert’s lip glosses, body sprays, body creams, and other products were endowed with sweet and sugary flavors! 

Lipsticks & Lip Glosses

Many young girls, who were the target customers of Dessert, fell in love with the brand. However, Simpson started facing controversial lawsuits that revolved around the product names. There were more lawsuits related to the accounting and manufacturing of products. Gradually, Dessert began to lose its charm. After the launch of the Dessert Treats Hula Girl scent, Simpson’s beauty line vanished altogether. Thus, Dessert became one of the obsolete beauty brands. 

2. Tokidoki

Tokidoki was a Japanese-inspired lifestyle cosmetic and beauty brand. It was launched by Simone Legno, an Italian artist, along with his business partners. The products had cool packaging, which made them look like collectibles. The Tokidoki tubes and compacts featured many characters, such as Moofia, Cactus Friends, Unicorno, and Donutella and Her Sweet Friends. 

Do you know that a few years after its launch, Tokidoki became one of the defunct beauty companies? Even though the products looked playful and attractive, they could not last long in the cosmetic and beauty industry. The beauty line was later put on clearance. Gradually, it fizzled out. That’s how Tokidoki became one of the popular discontinued beauty brands. Although Tokidoki’s business seems to continue in other ways, its beauty line is surely not going to be relaunched in the near future.

3. Khroma Beauty

The brand was launched by the popular sisters, Kim, Khloé, and Kourtney, in 2012. It was their first big venture into the makeup and beauty market. But soon after the Khroma Beauty products hit the stores, the brand faced some lawsuits for copyright infringement. A couple of them were from other beauty companies called, “Chroma” and “Kroma.” Eventually, Khroma Beauty had to be renamed, “Kardashian Beauty.” 

Khroma Beauty launched by the Sisters

The lawsuits resulted in the beauty line having a rocky run. A year later, the Khroma Beauty products were totally removed from the market. Thus, Khroma Beauty became one of the beauty brands no longer available. 

The sisters now have many other successful businesses, and Khroma Beauty is a gone but not forgotten discontinued makeup brand!

4. Morphe X James Charles

YouTubers have been making lots of money over the past few years. Do you know who are the world’s richest Youtubers? Let’s look at one YouTuber who became world-famous by showcasing his beauty skills!

James Charles became highly popular after he posted makeup tutorials and other content related to beauty and cosmetics on YouTube. During the 2010s, Charles came to be regarded as a famous beauty guru. In 2018, he collaborated with Morphe Cosmetics, leading to the launch of Morphe X James Charles. Its eyeshadow pallet, brush set, etc., became quite a rage.

James Charles

However, in 2020, James Charles was accused of using racist language. In 2022, sexual misconduct allegations were also charged against him. Following this, Morphe ended its partnership with Charles. Thus, Morphe X James Charles became one of the discontinued beauty brands.

We hope you had an interesting read of the best discontinued beauty brands. In addition to the above, Bonne Bell, Versace, Pop of Color, and Dainty Doll are other discontinued makeup brands that no longer exist. You need to be updated about your daily beauty products and their demand in the market. Choose the right beauty brand that lasts long for your safety and health.

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