Five Best Business Names You Must Know

Julia | 09 - 22 - 2023

Unique company names come in a variety of different ways. Some are unfortunate and others are considered as plain ridiculous. Also, there are several famous brands that changed their names. The strange brand logos with names can be quite interesting because they are easy to remember. Do you know how brands got their names? Let’s find out more details about the brand name creation. 

1. Etsy


One of the playful brand titles turned into a creative name due to its conciseness. The word ‘Etsy’ means “Oh, yes!” in Italian and “And If” in Latin. Robert Kalin, Etsy founder designed this brand name after watching various foreign movies. The business branding of Etsy gives an insight into the creative nature of products. 

2. GoDaddy

Do you know this company’s name history? Bob Parsons founded the brand in 1977 and he thought of several names like BigDaddy and Jomax Technologies at the beginning. It is an uncommon name for a firm offering domain names to other businesses around the world. There is nothing in this name related to the digital world but, it is one of the most powerful business names. 

3. Yandex 


What is the meaning of Etsy in Latin?
  • A. Oh, yes
  • B. Never
  • C. And, If
  • D. No

Yandex is one of the good company names that created a lot of impact in Russia. It is a search engine company with more than 70 internet-related services and products. Also, there is a pun hidden in this business branding name for Russian customers because “Ya”(Я) means “I” in Russian. This brand name sounds odd but it’s easy to remember compared to competitors. 

4. Zynga

One of the unique brand names known for running various social video game services. Are you aware of the marketing and naming of Zynga? The name comes from the name of the founder’s bulldog, Zinga. Mark Pincus, the founder of Zynga planned to give this name to highlight the community and friendship behind the brand. 

5. Google


Google comes under the top ten brand name list focusing on search engine technology, artificial intelligence, online advertising, cloud computing, and other services. This business name evolution began from the mathematical term googol means number one followed by 100 zeros. Nowadays, many of us use this powerful business name in everyday vocabulary. 

Most Famous Brand Logos with Names


Logos are created with hard work, creativity, and just a bit of luck. There is a fascinating story behind catchy brand names. Let’s have a look at the secret behind brand logos here. 



Apple’s logo signifies the time of Adam and Eve, who bit the apple of knowledge. The meaning behind the logo is by using Apple products humans can gain more knowledge and meet their needs.



The double G features in the brand logo portray sophistication and luxury.



The tree trefoil logo stands for three parts of the world such as Asia, Europe, and North America. Adidas logo specifies the diversity of their products and the idea of overcoming hurdles.



This brand logo showcases three dots that symbolize the first three restaurants where it all started.

Walt Disney


The logo design of this entertainment industry depicts the iconic castle of Cinderella. Also, it represents the delight and awe the company hopes to convey through entertainment. 

Now, you have an idea about notable logos and famous brand name origins. Weird company names aren’t always a bad idea for businesses looking to create a strong brand. Choosing an attractive name helps you connect with your customers more deeply. 

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