10 Weird Laws in North Dakota That’ll Baffle You!

Ashley | 11 - 19 - 2021
Weird Laws In North Dakota

While weird laws in North Dakota may be considered bizarre, they pale in comparison to the level of craziness seen in New York laws. Let’s take a look at a few of the craziest ones below.

North Dakota Dumb Laws

Are weird laws your favorite? If yes, you are in for a treat people with these interesting but dumb laws in North Dakota!

Sleep Matters

Is It Illegal To Fall Asleep With Your Shoes On In North Dakota?
  • A. Yes
  • B. No

If you were to visit North Dakota remember never to fall asleep in public places with your shoes on. Be careful on those long bus rides and boring movie theaters.

Dance Like a Pro

You will be jailed if you were to dance while wearing a hat in Fargo. You should never enter a function wearing a hat if dancing is part of the event.

Death of Pretzel and Beer

The state of North Dakota bans pretzels and beer in all restaurants and bars, despite their status as a must-have combo across the United States. The rule prohibits children’s food in alcohol-serving restaurants.

Indians Beware

Always take cover under a covered wagon if you are planning to shoot an Indian on horseback. We know it’s ridiculous but you will be charged with manslaughter and intentionally breaking the law.


The law allows inhabitants to distill alcohol for personal consumption to a level allowed federally. But the catch is, the federally allowed level is zero in North Dakota.

Stupid Laws In North Dakota

This is where things get interesting! Here are a few more North Dakota weird laws.

New Year Ends at 11 P.M 

Devil’s Lake bans bursting crackers past 11 p.m.

Animal Rules

Never, I repeat never tie that enormous elk inside the sandbox lying in your backyard. Get that horse out of the bathtub because it is illegal in North Dakota. 

Half Yearly Games

Charitable groups can raise funds by arranging poker games. These games can be held only twice a year.

Swimming Is No Fun

The Red River is called red for a reason. While the locals abstain from swimming in the river given its color and inhabitants, the North Dakota law only wants you to abstain from swimming naked in it. 


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