10 Weird Rules in NFL We Bet You Haven’t Heard of

Eliza | 01 - 27 - 2022
Weird NFL Rules

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sport in the United States. It is one of America’s favorite pastimes and is also the most-viewed sport in the world. Nearly 17 million people enjoyed watching the previous season of the NFL. Despite being a world-famous sport, there are some weird rules in the NFL. Over the years many rules have been introduced and changed in the NFL. Here let’s dive into some of the weird rules in the NFL. 

  1. The NFL follows a strict dress codeand its official dress code policy is five pages long. The league even has fashion police! some interesting dressing code rules are- 
  • Players must tuck in the team jersey into their uniform pants and their pants must be below their knee level. 
  • Towels are allowed to be kept only in the front waists of players’ pants 
  • Players should wear shoes from companies approved by the league. The NFL will approve the size and logo placement in the shoes. 
  1. NFL logos must be visible on the players’ pants, jerseys, and helmets. 
  2. The NFL overtime rule is said to be the worst rule in sports.No player can miss the meetings by the league or team unless he’s sick or hurt. Also, they are not allowed to miss the official team practices. 
  3. Any violent gesture and sexually suggestive or offensive actions are off-limits. A player can be warned or fined for such action. 
  4. The use of certain drugs is officially banned. From steroids to supplements, the NFL banned a wide range of supplements. 
  5. The players can be fined up to $630 for every pound of body weight over the limit. The fine differs from person to person, and also a player can’t be fined twice in a week. 
  6. Not only the clothing, but even the accessories must be approved by the NFL. 
  7. Players are not allowed to spin the ball. The players can be fined if they indulge in activities like throwing, shoving, or pointing the ball. 
  8. Saluting is considered a taunt in the NFL. Taunting is a big no, and the player will be given a 15-yard penalty. 
  9. Apart from the NFL rules, individual teams have their own set of rules. 

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