10 Weird Switzerland Laws You’ll Be Surprised With

Vannessa | 10 - 16 - 2020
Strange laws in Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its picturesque landscapes, amazing cuisines, and a sustainable lifestyle. But, did you know the country has some weird and hilarious laws that’ll make your jaws drop? Here is a compilation of the most unusual laws in Switzerland.


  1. Dogs are taxed in Switzerland. Taxes are levied at the Municipal level and the amount varies with the Municipality. You’ll have to pay taxes for every dog you own.
  2. Though known for their sustainable lifestyle, the Swiss aren’t allowed to recycle on a Sunday. This law is imposed because recycling might be noisy and can disturb others in the neighborhood.
  3. The Swiss cannot mow their land on a Sunday. This is again to reduce excessive noise that may disturb others. Sundays are meant for relaxing and anything that is noisy isn’t allowed in the country.
  4. Well, consuming weed isn’t a crime, but growing a stash in your own garden and selling it is punishable under law. If a drug test is conducted and a THC level of more than 1% is detected, then the consumer will be punishable under the law.
  5. Another strange Swiss law regarding pet animals is that they should have a companion of their same kind. For instance, guinea pigs should have a companion and shouldn’t be confined in a small space.
  6. Having a dog in Switzerland is quite an expensive affair. Dogs also need to have their own incident insurance cover.
  7. A hilarious Swiss law states that one should not flush his toilet after 10 pm. This might sound funny but was imposed in order to reduce noise disturbances.
  8. Similarly, one should not urinate in the standing position after 10 pm.
  9. The Swiss cannot slam their car door after 10 pm.
  10. This is one of the oldest rules in Switzerland but not sure how it came into existence. The Swiss are not allowed to recite poetry while skiing. Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

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Which Pet Animal Is Taxed in Switzerland?
  • A. Dog
  • B. Cat
  • C. Fish
  • D. Mouse
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