12 Christmas Symbols Meaning You Must Be Aware Of

Ragavendran Thangaraju | 12 - 09 - 2020
christmas symbols and their meanings

Christmas is a special time of the year. While celebrating Christmas, we use several symbols. But have you ever wondered what the meaning of Christmas symbols are? Each symbol has its own meaning. Celebrating Christmas by knowing Christmas symbols and their meanings gives us a special feeling. In this article, we will discuss 12 Christmas symbols’ meanings. Our Christmas symbol list contains all the important information you need to know about the Christian Christmas symbols.

Christmas Symbols and What They Mean

List of the top 12 symbols of Christmas and their meaning: 

1) Angels


Mistletoe Symbolizes Which of the Following?
  • A. Wealth
  • B. Happiness
  • C. Sunshine
  • D. Fertility

The word literally means ‘messenger’. Angels appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus Christ. The Bible reveals angels to be of tremendous strength. As per the bible, they are dressed in white, gleaming and flying with wings. Using angel symbols while decorating houses and Christmas trees have become a part of our tradition! 

2) Holly


It is basically a shrub-like tree with thick and leathery leaves that has serrated edges and spiky points. The red berries you see during the Christmas season are produced by the female version of this tree. It is one of the most loved and respected trees in Celtic Mythology. It was believed to protect new-borns from harm. It can be decorated with wreaths, Christmas trees, and doors. 

3) Wreath


Our Christmas cannot be complete without hanging wreaths on our doors. The tradition of advent wreaths began in the 19th century. Wreaths represent ‘Eternal Life’ as the shape has no end. It is also considered a representation of faith. Therefore, Christians usually place a candle in order to symbolize the light that Jesus brought into the world. 

4) Candy Cane

The white part in the cane represents the purity of Jesus Christ and the red stripes represent the blood shed when he died. The peppermint flavour represents the hyssop plant that is usually used to purify the Bible. The very first use of white candy cane with red stripes in the peppermint flavour appeared in the mid-19th century. 

5) Star


Jesus is referred to as the “Morning Star”, therefore many Christians include stars in their Christmas decoration. In ancient times, people used to believe stars as gods and therefore created several myths about them. It is said that the star symbolizes the holy star that appeared in the eastern sky when Jesus Christ was born.  

6) Dove 



We all know that doves are seen as a symbol of love. This concept is linked to Christmas too. Jesus was born in this world to bring peace into this world. It also symbolizes purity, love, and holy spirit. 

7) Stocking


Christmas stocking is an empty sock that is hung in the Christmas Eve hoping that Santa Claus would fill it with sweets, presents, and toys. There is also a popular story of an old man behind it. He refused to accept charity, therefore Santa Claus dropped three bags of gold and one landed into a stocking. 

8) Poinsettia



The shape of the poinsettia flower is often compared with the shape of stars of Bethlehem. The red color of the flower is believed to symbolize the blood of Jesus. White leaves on the other hand symbolizes purity.  

9) Snowflakes


Snowflakes are naturally associated with Christmas as it usually falls during the winter months. It also represents how god designed the beautiful six-folded structure. The snowflake also represents the rebirth in some cases. It is also seen as a symbol of purity. 

10) Bells


Bells are usually rung to inform people that Christmas is coming. It is said that in the ancient times, they rang a bell to scare away evil spirits in the night. It is basically used to announce about any special event or celebration. 

11) Red and Green colors

Red and Green colors

Red and Green have always been considered the colors of Christmas. The color green represents the eternal life of Jesus Christ and the color red represents the blood shed by Jesus Christ when he died on the cross. 

12) MistleToe


It is one of the four plants that is specially used during the Christmas season. The evergreen leaves symbolizes ‘life does not die’. It is also associated with good luck and health. 

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