7 Best Countries That Celebrate Christmas the Most

Ashley | 12 - 24 - 2023
Best Countries That Celebrate Christmas the Most

Christmas carols, gifts, pretty decorations, fairy lights, family get-togethers, and midnight prayers! These shows that Christmas is more than a festival. Regardless of the religion, we can find many people from other religions celebrating Christmas. If you want to celebrate Christmas a little bit differently this year, you can visit these places we are about to discuss in this article. We have listed the best places to celebrate Christmas.

1) Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem, West Bank

Bethlehem is considered one of the significant places to celebrate Christmas as Jesus was born in the Palastenian Town in Bethlehem. It is located in the West Bank, located just a few minutes south of Jerusalem. You can find several outdoor events such as large stage performances in Bethlehem’s center square and Manger Square. On Christmas Eve, there is a parade through the town. Bagpipe bands are one of the unique things you can find in the parade. Church of the Nativity is a must-visit as it was built over a place where it’s thought Jesus was born.

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2) Santa Claus Village, Finland

Santa Claus Village, Finland

It is located in the north of Rovaniemi. Reindeers, ice sculptures, and Christmas trees, what more do you expect on the day of Christmas? You can find everything here. This is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas with your family. In Finland, on the day of Christmas people also mark their remembrance by lighting candles in the cemeteries. The traditional dinner in the Santa Claus village includes macaroni, cooked turkey and ham, and chocolates. Here you can find a traditional holiday drink called glogg(mulled wine). The Christmas holidays include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day. When you visit Santa Claus village, you must go to see Arctic Circle snowmobile park, underground amusement park, and the Snowman World.

3) The Vatican, Italy

The Vatican, Italy

Vatican City is the world’s smallest independent country that is ruled by the Pope, known as the Bishop of Rome. In the Vatican city, you can find several masses and gatherings during the celebration. Inside St. Peters Basilica, a midnight mass is held every year. The Vatican city is filled with attractive decorations especially during the Christmas season. This place is a must-visit as Christmas is the best time to experience the actual beauty of the City.

4) Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Christmas officially begins on December 8th. The Grafton Street Light Ceremony is marked as the true beginning of Christmas celebration. The Gaito Theater is a must-visit as it is a Christmas tradition that has been followed since 1873. It incorporates music, dance, and drama and offers a complete entertainment for the visitors. Ireland’s Late Late Show is another famous event and is the world’s second longest running chat show. The Dublin Flea Christmas Cracker Market is another event that happens in the second weekend of December and is an amazing platform for independent traders and designers.

5) Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia

If you want to celebrate Christmas during Summer, you must visit Australia. Christmas celebration in Bondi Beach takes it to another level. It is one of the iconic beaches to celebrate Christmas in Australia. To visit here, your Christmas outfit must include red bikinis and Santa hats. You can also find Christmas trees here in order to give us some Christmas spirit. In this picturesque spot, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and play some games!

6) New York City, USA

New York City, USA

A list of best cities for christmas without NYC? How can it ever be possible? Whenever you think of good Christmas days, NYC would be the first place that comes to our mind. Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas celebration is a great show to enjoy during the Christmas season in NYC. You can also find Chritsmas markets here including Bryant Park holiday market and Union Square Holiday Market. You can also enjoy ice skating at Bryant park.

7) Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It is a country that has rich Christmas traditions. In the historic and cultural center of Amsterdam, Dam Square, you can find a stunning 65-foot tree with light decorations for nearly two and a half miles. The tree lighting ceremony happens in December, the plaza would be full of carols and musical performances in order to mark the beginning of Christmas. During the Christmas season, you can find several markets where you can shop all types of Christmas gifts here. The Winterparade is something we all must visit at least once. In a 400 feet massive table, we all must sit together where food and drinks are served. You can also expect to interact with many dancers, actors, and musicians.

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