13 Reasons Why interesting facts

Eliza | 03 - 02 - 2022
13 reasons why interesting facts

Facts about 13 Reasons Why:

13 Reasons Why is a popular American teen drama that talks about mental health, sexual abuse, HIV, bullying, drug abuse, etc. The first episode of the series was released on 31 March 2017 and got a huge response from fans all over the world. The series was based on the 2007 adult novel of the same name written by Jay Asher. The first season of 13 reasons why was a huge hit, and it got over 3.5 million social media impressions in the first week of its release. However many fans criticized the following seasons. Though the series ended, it has a separate place in our hearts. So we‘ve clubbed the 13 Reasons Why Interesting facts that every fan should know.

Top 13 Reasons Why Interesting Facts:

  1. Serena Gomez was supposed to play Hannah Baker. 
  2. Katherine Langford, who played Hannah, was auditioned to play Jessica, and she was auditioned via skype. 
  3. Skye, who falls in love with Clay, is Kevin Bacon’s daughter. Her original name is Sosie Bacon. 
  4. Christian Navarro, who played Tony Padilla, learned driving only after being offered the role. 
  5. Executive producer Gomez and co-stars Alisha Boe, Tommy Dorfman, and Brandon Flynn have matching tattoos.  
  6. Seven cast members lived in the same apartment building while filming. 
  7. Timothy Granaderos was 30 years old when he began playing Monty de la Cruz. He was 33 in the final season. 
  8. The song Clay and Hannah dance at the party is called “The Night We Met.”
  9. Kate Walsh, who played Hannah’s mother, did a lot of preparations for the role. She spoke to psychiatrist and two parents who lost their children by suicide.  
  10. You can listen to the recording of Hannah on the thirteen reasons why.com. 
  11. The posters in Clay’s bedroom were chosen by himself. He chose posters from his favorite brands. 
  12. Clay’s head was injured during the first season to differentiate between flashbacks and the present. 
  13. Clay didn’t read the book because he didn’t want to get confused with the character in the book.

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