15 Interesting Facts About Stranger Things

Eliza | 06 - 03 - 2022
Fun facts about Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American sci-fi horror drama written and produced by Duffer Brothers. It was first released on Netflix on July 15, 2016. The story revolves around four friends in the 1980s. The series is one of the biggest Netflix hits for various reasons, including the cast’s acting, supernatural powers, scary scenes, vintage fashion, and 80’s nostalgia. If you’re a true Stranger Things fan, play our quiz to discover the top interesting facts about stranger things to prove it. Read on to know more about Stranger Things. 

Fun and Interesting Facts About Stranger Things

  1. The Duffer Brothers and casting director auditioned 1213 child artists for the main role.
  2. Duffer Brothers, the producer and writers of Stranger Things are twins.
  3. Stranger things were originally called Montauk. 
  4. David Harbor insisted on wearing an Indiana Jones hat as a homage.
  5. 361,000 Americans binge-watched the entire ‘Stranger Things season 2.” Netflix revealed that 18.2 million finished the entire season in just the first four days of ‘Stranger Things Season 3’.
  6. Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, suffers from a genetic condition called Cleidocranial dysplasia, which affects bones and teeth. 
  7. The creators asked Millie Bobby Brown to perform like E.T. 
  8. Maya Hawke, who played Robin Buckley, is the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. 
  9. The kids cast are not only best friends in real life but in real life, too.  
  10.  Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers are dating in real life.
  11.  Finn Wolfhard filmed his entire audition tape in bed as he was very sick. 
  12.  Dacre Montgomery, who plays Billy, sent a shirtless audition tape. 
  13.  The relationship between Dustin and Steve is not a part of the original script.
  14.  In the train track scene, while trying to catch monster Dart, chopped beef and watermelon were used.
  15.  To give a vintage look and the ‘80s feel, the entire series was shot on a digital camera with an added layer of scanned film.

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