16 Amazing Pink River Dolphin Facts You Cannot Miss

Ashley | 03 - 20 - 2021
Pink River Dolphin

Though many people consider the rare pink dolphin to be a mythical creature, these are actually found in Amazon and Orinoco river basins. 

The pink river dolphin or Inia Geoffrensis is known for its unique color. Do you want to learn more interesting facts about the animal? This article contains all the interesting pink river dolphins facts. Let’s learn more pink dolphins information.

1) The famous Amazon pink river dolphin is actually born gray, however slowly it turns pink with age. 

What Do Pink Dolphins Eat?
  • A. Turtles
  • B. Crabs
  • C. Shellfish
  • D. All of the Above

2) Male dolphins are usually pinker than female ones. 

3) Why are pink dolphins pink? The coloration of these pink Amazonian river dolphins is because of their diet, ventilation, behavior, capillary placement, and sunlight exposure. 

4) Some of these river dolphins might be full gray with just some pink spots on them.

5) Just like humans tend to turn pink while blushing, these river dolphins might flush a brighter pink when they get excited. 

6) Out of all the five species of freshwater dolphins, these pink Amazonian river dolphins are the largest and smartest.

7) Pink dolphin size: The pink dolphins are capable to grow up to 9 feet(2.7 meters), weigh up to 400 pounds(180 kilograms), and live up to 30 years. 

8) Do you know that dolphins are animals that might be smarter than you? Yes, these pink dolphins tend to have a 40% larger brain capacity compared to humans. 

9) According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, there is a challenge in counting the number of these pink dolphins found in the Amazon as,

  • They are usually found in small groups of 2 to 4 individuals(generally mother and young). 
  • These pink dolphins are found in murky river water, making them hard to be visible. 
  • Since they are shy in nature, they do not come out to make themselves known. Mostly only their heads are seen out of the water.

However, these species can be found in food-rich areas. 

10) In spite of their elusive nature, they are mostly found to be playful and interactive with humans. 

11) As these pink bottle-nosed dolphins are unfused vertebrates, they have the ability to move their necks at 180 degrees and maneuver around obstacles easily. 

12) They have the ability to swim upside down so that they can see the bottom of the river with a better view.

13) Even through the muddy river water, their precise eyesight can help navigate prey without any trouble. 

14) There are many superstitions about this pink river dolphin. Some people say if you go swimming alone, these dolphins will take you to an underwater city. It is a common belief that harming the dolphins would bring bad luck into your life. There is also a superstition that these dolphins sometimes turn into a handsome man known as “boto encantado” in order to seduce women. 

15) This is one of the interesting facts about pink dolphins. They use high-frequency sonar clicks to build a three-dimensional echogram and communicate. They use sonars and clicks to communicate, but their environment makes them use this in different ways. The pink river dolphins emit 30 clicks per second in order to navigate the Amazon River. 

16) According to the statistics of the Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department’s statistics of 2016, there are more than 40 dolphins left seas around Lantau Island. And only around 2,000 pink dolphins are left in the Pearl River Delta. 

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