23 Interesting Facts about California, the Golden State

Ashley | 09 - 01 - 2020
23 Interesting Facts about California, the Golden State

California, the golden state is known for its good food and great climatic conditions. It also has several unknown and unique facts. This article will help you learn more about California from the California gold rush to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

  1. California gold rush facts– The state is named after a character called Queen Califia from a 16th-century novel called “Las Sergas de Esplandián”. It was written by Garci Rodriguez de Montalvo. 
  2. The most precious metal, Gold was discovered in San Francisco, California in 1848. This is why it is called the Golden State. It was discovered in Sutter’s Mill by James W. Marshall. This is one of the unknown facts about San Francisco
  3. California has other nicknames such as the land of milk and honey, the grape state, etc.
  4. The Sierra Nevada mountain range also known as “the High Sierra” or “the range of light” is appx. 400 miles long and one of the major tourist attractions of the state. 
  5. Originally, California was under the Mexican government later, later it was declared as an independent republic. This movement was known as “Bear Flag Revolt” and took place in 1846. That is when they created the California flag. Later, California attained statehood on September 9, 1850. The grizzly bear in the flag indicates strength, the five-pointed star indicate sovereignty, the red and white color indicates courage and purity. 
  6. Though grizzly bears are the official state animal of California. It is actually extinct in California and the last California grizzly bear was killed in Tulare county.
  7. California poppy or Golden poppy is the state flower of California. Poppy flower day is on April, 6.
  8. The Redwood is the official state tree of California. They can be mostly seen in Sequoia National Park and are around 2,000 years old. General Sherman is the world’s largest tree and it is nearly 275 feet tall and a circumference of 102 feet. It is located in Sequoia National Park and is around 2,700 years old.
  9. Mount Whitney is the highest point in California and is about 14, 494 feet tall. You can find it in Sequoia National Park. 
  10. California has the lowest point in the whole of North America. It is called the Badwater and is 282 feet below sea level. It is located in Death Valley. 
  11. The Death Valley is North America’s hottest desert and driest place. 
  12. We all are aware of the famous Windows wallpaper. It was actually taken in Napa Valley and interestingly, the picture you see is a raw and unedited picture. 
  13. Fallbrook is the “Avocado capital of the world” as more avocados are grown here than any other county. Fallbrook also holds an avocado festival every year. 
  14. The most populous state in the US is California.
  15. California is the birthplace of the Internet. In 1969, the first workable internet prototype, ARPANET was introduced by the University of California, Los Angeles. The ARPANET was used for communication between computers. The first message “LO” was sent from the UCLA site. It was meant to be “LOGIN IN” but the system crashed. It is one of the interesting facts about Los Angeles.
  16. California is a state where more movies are filmed than any other state.
  17. Here is one of the interesting facts about the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. During the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, 11 men died and 19 men were saved by the safety net installed under the floor of the bridge. These men were widely known as the members of “Half- Way-to-Hell-Club”
  18. During the 50th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1987, more than 300,000 arrived for the bridge walk and the bridge sagged 7 feet causing it to flatten.
  19. Jim Arrington, the world’s oldest male bodybuilder is from California and now he is around 70 years old.
  20. There are more than 100 different nationalities reside in California. It tops the list of the most racial and ethnic diversity. Not only among nationalities, but California is also a biologically diverse state as it is home to more than 40,000 species of animals and plants.
  21. California has the largest economy of any other US state.
  22. California has around 41 mountains that exceed 10,000 meters in height.
  23. Facts about Disneyland- The first Disneyland was opened in Anaheim, California on 17 July 1955.

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