31 Weirdest and Wackiest Facts About the Human Body

Ashley | 09 - 14 - 2021
Facts about the Human Body

The human body has been astonishing scientists for a long time now. Find out 31 facts about the human body that are straight out weird and wacky that will either surprise or gross you out. To know more visit here wackiest fact about human body .

Weirdest and Wackiest Facts on the Human Body

The human brain works the most at night after you fall asleep. Find out what else is weird about your body and its functions below.

Interesting Human Body Facts

  1. While eyeballs remain the same size from birth to death, a human’s ears and nose never stop growing.
  2. The human nose produces a cupful of mucus every day while earwax is sweat.
  3. The heart is the only muscle that will never get tired.
  4. You sweat fat only while working out.
  5. Every organism born out of sexual reproduction is more likely to favor the genes from the dad’s side.
  6. The human brain is incapable of making new memories without erasing old ones.
  7. You can’t swallow and breathe simultaneously.

Interesting about the Human Body

  1. Teeth can’t heal themselves.
  2. A lot of people dream in black and white.
  3. Humans have unique tongue prints.
  4. Apart from chimps, humans share 70% DNA with Slugs, 50% with Bananas, and 99.9% with other humans.
  5. Only humans can cry to express themselves.
  6. The left lung has only 2 lobes while the right has 3. The extra space is taken up by the heart.
  7. Humans have the ability to smell 10,000 times better than to taste.

Bizarre Facts about the Human Body 

  1. The human brain functions on 10 watts of power.
  2. Human stomachs blush along with the cheeks.
  3. Teratomas are tumors with teeth and hair.
  4. Pinky fingers are responsible for 50% of your hand strength.
  5. Testicles hang out because sperms will die at body temperature. 
  6. The heartbeat syncs to the rhythm of the music you listen to.
  7.  The human brain will eat itself if starved. 

Find out the remaining 10 facts about the human body through the quiz.

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