5 Countries That Host Most Refugees in 2023

Iris | 06 - 01 - 2023
Country that hosts refugees

Refugees are forced to flee from their home country to escape reasons of nationality, religion, race, conflict, violence, political stance, and natural disaster. According to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) estimation, around 117.2 million people will be forcefully stateless or evicted in 2023. Read along to know more about the countries with the highest number of refugees in 2023. 

Top Five Nations with the Largest Refugee Populations in 2023

In most instances, people pass through a vast refugee crisis unable to move to richer countries. Instead, they make their way to neighboring countries or low-income countries. The list of countries with the highest number of refugees in 2023 is specified below. 

1. Turkey 

Around 3.67 million refugees are present in Turkey. Most refugees are from Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, and Iraq. Instead of informal tented groups, they are staying at bare-minimum conditioned level space. Turkey stands among the top nations accommodating the most refugees in 2023. 

Which country stands among the top nations accommodating the most refugees in 2023?
  • A. Bangladesh
  • B. Pakistan
  • C. Turkey
  • D. Poland

2. Germany 

Germany stands out as one of the top countries offering sanctuary to the greatest number of refugees in 2023. This country hosted 1.2 million refugees in early 2022 with the rise of the Ukraine conflict. In 2023, it hosts 2.2 million refugees from Syrian, Ukrainian, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 

3. Poland 

Poland is another country that accommodates a lot of refugees after the Ukraine conflict. Around 1.3-1.4 million Ukrainian refugees live in Poland. Apart from Ukrainians, thousands of refugees from Belarus and Russia are in Poland.

4. Sudan 

Sudan used to be home for hosting over one million refugees. Most of them are from neighboring countries like South Sudan, Ethiopia, Syria, Chad, Yemen, and Central African Republic. However, Sudanese refugees fled the country due to ongoing instability and violence. 

5. Pakistan 

Refugees relying on Pakistan are entirely from Afghanistan. A huge rise in Afghan refugees is visible in this country each year. Long-term programs developed in Pakistan focused on financial security, sanitation, and disaster risk reduction. 

Apart from these, Iran, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Ethiopia are other countries with the highest number of refugees in 2023. Food, healthcare, and shelter are the primary needs of Nations with the highest refugee intake in 2023. All these countries welcome refugees with adequate living facilities.

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