5 Most Terrifying Real-Life Halloween Murders

Emma | 08 - 31 - 2021
murders on Halloween night

Halloween is associated with terrifying costumes, candies, and indeed horror. Halloween is a celebration of the macabre and it is one of the most celebrated scary holidays in the world. However, today Halloween is considered a fun holiday to dress up in a terrifying costume and to play trick or treating. Well, if you’re one of the people who think Halloween is a fun holiday then this blog is especially for you! According to Halloween crime statistics, Halloween crime occure between 7pm and 1am. It is also said that an average of 17 percent more crime related insurance claims are made on Halloween. Here we’ve clubbed the real-life top 5 Halloween murders in history. 

Candyman/ Man Who Killed Halloween

In 1974, on the night of Halloween, Ronald Clark O’Bryan took his children trick-or-treating and went rounds through the neighborhood. By the end of the day his six-year-old son, Timothy suffered from unbearable stomach pain and began vomiting and died on the way to the hospital. Ronald was suspected as he was changing his alibi multiple times while questioned by the police. Later the police found that he had ingested cyanide-laced candy and gave it to his son. Ronaldo was in debt so he killed his son to collect a life insurance policy that he had taken out on him. The name candy man was given to him by his fellow prisoners. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection in 1894. This is one of the famous murders on Halloween night. 

Murder of Leslie Ann and Adriane Insogna

In 2004, three roommates Leslie Mazzara, Adriane Insogna, and Lauren Meanza were giving candy to trick-or-treaters at their California home. The three went to bed at around 11 pm, suddenly Meanza awoke hearing blood-curdling, terrific screams from the upstairs bedroom so she bolted out of the house and drove away leaving her two friends behind. Meanza went back to her home later and found that her two friends were stabbed to death. She tried to call the police but found that the phone line was dead. Police said that both the women have been stabbed multiple times. Eric Matthew Copple, the friend of one of the victims, turned himself in and confessed to the murders but he didn’t say what his motive was. The murderer is currently in jail serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole. 

Who Kills People in the Movie Halloween?
  • A. Laurie Strode
  • B. Morgan Strode
  • C. Michael Myers
  • D. Lonnie Elam

Toolbox Killer

In 1979, 16-year old Shirley Lynette Ledford hitchhiked after attending a Halloween party. Two men offered her a ride in a dingy van. She trusted the two men without knowing they were the popular “Tool Box Serial Killer.” Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris were famous serial killers who were known for picking female hitchhikers. They torture the kidnapped women with tools that were typically found in a toolbox and also took pictures of the women during the slayings. Shirley was found naked on a lawn in California. Both the Halloween killers were caught after a month and both were sentenced to death. Shirley was the fifth and final victim of the murderer. 

Martha Moxley 

Martha Moxley, a 15-year old high school student who failed to show up at home was found dead under a pine tree on her family’s estate. In 1975, the night before Halloween Martha left her Connecticut home to attend a Halloween party. The next day she was found dead in the backyard, beaten to death by a golf club. Twenty-five years later Michal Skakel, who was 15 at that time of murder convicted of the murder. He was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison but Skakel was freed in 2013 on $1.2 million bail. 

Yoshihiro Hattori 

On Halloween night in 1992, a 16-year-old Japanese exchange student was heading to a Halloween party in New Orleans. Unfamiliar with the neighborhood, Hattori struggled to find the right address for the event. He and his friend Webb rang the door of the wrong house. They got no answer so they left the place and started walking back to their car. The owner of the home, Rodney Peairs, 30, supermarket butcher, suddenly opened the door with a .44 Magnum. They both first thought it was a Halloween thing. But Peairs shouted freeze and shot Hattori to death, thinking he was trespassing with criminal intent. This case got global attention and Peairs was acquitted of manslaughter. 

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