6 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting a National Park

Emma | 09 - 22 - 2020
6 Things You Should Never Do When Visiting a National Park

Parks are the most loved and favorite hangout spots for everyone. People just love to spend some quality time at these parks. But as much as we enjoy parks, we have to strive to keep it clean and to respect national park service regulations. Keep reading to learn six things you should never do in a national park.

6 Things You Should Never Do in National Parks

Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Feeding the animals can cause aggressive behavior between them and can lessen the instinct to find their own food in the wild. This can also make the wild animals lose their natural fear of people, endangering the safety of both the people and the wild animals.   

Don’t Go off the Trail

You should always stay on the road. It is dangerous not only to the individual hiker, but to the environment as well. Be kind to the park and obey national parks rules by staying in designated driving areas.

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Don’t Put Trash Everywhere

Bring yourself a trash bag when you visit national parks. Don’t leave the plastic bags, don’t litter if you see trash complain that to the forest ranger and clean it yourself. Pack out your stuff just like how you brought them in. Obey national park rules and regulations.   

Don’t Hike Unprepared

First thing to remember while visiting a national park is to come prepared for hiking. Hiking trails that you aren’t properly prepared for is incredibly irresponsible. Being prepared also means getting plenty of water, enough clothing, proper hiking shoes, and emergency kits.

Don’t Interact with the Wildlife in a Way Which Could Hurt or Disturb Them

National parks are the best to witness big cats, wolves, bears, coyotes and more. But keep your distance from the animals, at least keep 25 yards from large animals. Being around the animals can be fun, but we should never disturb their privacy and their way of living. You can observe the animals from a safe distance.   

Don’t Ignore Signs

‘No parking’ ‘Stay off the trail’ Vehicles prohibited’ these are some of the signs you see in the parks. You should always respect these national park signs, so that the park can be kept safe. Because of some visitors who don’t obey these signs- it has taken a toll on the vegetation and caused erosion.

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