Top 9 Traditional Christmas Eve Meals around the World

Iris | 12 - 23 - 2023
Traditional Christmas Eve Meals around the World

Usually, traditional Christmas Eve meals consist of roasted turkey, baked and mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, gingerbread, a glass of eggnog, mulled wine, cheesy corn casserole, pudding, and a pie. This one annual festival is celebrated with different types of traditions all around the world and the Christmas Eve food ideas also differ from one country to another. 

If you are looking for unique ideas for Christmas Eve dinner then here are the mouth-watering Christmas Eve family meal ideas to make your Xmas Eve dinner more tempting. Get a glimpse from the following top best Christmas Eve dinner ideas from different parts of the world.


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1. Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey
The roasted turkey is the hero of the Xmas Eve dinner, without turkey the Christmas meal is incomplete. The roast turkey trend for Christmas originated in the 16th century from England. The aroma of this tender and juicy meat roasted in olive oil with herbs and spices will surely give you the Christmas vibes.

2. Baked and Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Baked and Mashed Sweet Potatoes
Winter and sweet potatoes are perfect partners. Sweet potatoes are the perfect beneficial food for health. Hence it can be used with traditional Christmas Eve meals. You can also eat it with roasted turkey. Boil the sweet potatoes and mash them with some salt and butter. Add some herbs and spices according to your taste.

3. Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Stir-Fried Brussels Sprouts
The brussels sprouts became widely available in Britain during the 18th century. The sprouts belong to the family of cabbages. The stir-fried brussels sprouts are a perfect side dish for the Christmas meal. Stir fry the brussels sprouts in the oven with extra virgin olive oil and add some spices to it.

4. Ginger Bread

Ginger Bread 
Gingerbread originated from medieval England. Gingerbread was meant to be sacred hence it has been made only during Christmas and Easter and it is also worn as a talisman that protects you against evil spirits. Making house with gingerbread also became one of the Christmas eve traditions.

5. Eggnog

The traditional eggnog is a holiday drink that originated from medieval Britain. This festive holiday drink is specially made of egg yolk, milk, rum, whiskey, and spices. Even Though egg yolk is a holiday drink it is particularly enjoyed during Christmas time as its warm temperature and addition of flavors like cinnamon and nutmeg.

6. Cheesy Corn Casserole

Cheesy Corn Casserole
The perfect combo of cheese and corn complete your Christmas Eve dinner. With jalapenos, garlic, sweet corn, butter, loads of cheddar cheese, and parmesan cheese this dish becomes a fantasy on this Christmas Eve. Dig into this cheesy dish to make your eve more delicious.

7. Christmas Pudding

Christmas Pudding
If you are looking for a perfect dessert to complete your fantastic meal then the pudding is the best choice. Christmas pudding is also known as plum pudding or figgy pudding is made of dried fruits and raisins which actually taste like fruitcakes. If you are not a great fan of plum pudding you can also opt for pumpkin or apple pie.

8. Pumpkin or Apple Pie

Pumpkin or Apple Pie
Pie is one of most Americans’ most favorite dishes. Pumpkin pie and apple pie are the most loved pies by Americans. Pumpkin pie is soaked well with tradition. Apple pie is rich in texture and flavor with flaky and the buttery crust of fresh apple pieces makes everybody crave it.

9. Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine
At last the most important of Christmas is the mulled wine. For ages, mulled wine has been associated with Christmas. Mulled wine provides good health, warmth, and happiness and it has been associated with many health benefits. Mulled wine originated in the 2nd century, Victorian England.

Whenever you think about Christmas, two things pop out in your head are gifts and traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

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