Do You Know Where Is Santa Claus Village?

Julia | 12 - 04 - 2020
Do You Know Where Is Santa Claus Village

The original Santa Claus Village is located in Finland and there are still 3 more small villages where you can see Santa Claus and his little helpers. In addition to visiting Santa Claus, you also get to enjoy your Christmas holiday over these places as they are the best Christmas destinations in the world which makes your trip unforgettable. Takedown our quizzes to get an answer for these questions like where is Santa Claus village? where to visit Santa? And what are the best places to see Santa? And also don’t forget to discover what is so special about Santa Claus Rovaniemi.

Santa Claus Village, Finland

Santa Claus Village is located in Rovaniemi, a town near the Arctic Circle in Finland. This Santa Claus village was opened in 1965, since then people in Finland believe that Santa used to visit this small town every year on the day of Christmas. This village has been built with stunning landscapes, cozy wooden lodges, and a big snowman to attract millions of tourists. During the Christmas season, people start visiting this Santa Claus village to spend time with the one and only Santa Claus. Not only Santa is famous in this village the reindeer, postal elves, and his iconic helpers were also famous in this Santa Claus village.

Santa World Tomteland, Sweden

If you want to visit Santa Claus and his friends then you must step into Santa world, a theme park set on 27 acres in woods and framed by mountains that are located in Mora, Sweden. This whole theme park is full of fantasy which takes you back to the real Santa world. This is where you can see Santa Claus and his see moose, reindeer, and goats. Here in this theme park, you get a chance to experience the ride on the horse and sledge and to explore the park and the fireplace in Santa’s workshop. This Santa world is unbelievable, here you will get to learn about many of Santa’s secrets.

Where Is Santa Claus Village?
  • A. Finland
  • B. Austria
  • C. Belgium
  • D. Alaska

Tregaarden’s Christmas house, Norway

Tregaarden’s Christmas house in Drøbak, Norway is the only place in the world where it is always Christmas. This Christmas house was opened in 1988, which is every children’s dream place where you get to celebrate Christmas all 365 days. Still, many people in Drøbak believe that before many years ago Santa was born beneath the rock of Vindfangerbukta in Drøbak.

Norway Santa Claus village is the only town where you can feel the presence of Santa Claus all year. Tregaarden’s Christmas house also has its own post office where you get to send a postcard to Santa Claus with a special stamp.

Santa Claus House, Alaska

Since 1952, Santa Claus house has been located on the north pole of Alaska, where you get to see the world’s largest Santa and the real reindeer. Inside this world-famous Santa Claus house, there are a lot of north pole apparel and exclusive collectibles made by Alaskans. And the most important part of Santa Claus House is the 50 feet tall 3-dimensional standing Santa statue. Over 60 years, they have put smiles on the faces of millions of children and adults with their original letter from Santa Claus.

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