8 Mysteries of the Ocean

Ashley | 08 - 02 - 2021

Play this quiz to discover 8 unsolved ocean mysteries and to answer 8 solved mysteries of the ocean now.  

How Much of the Ocean Is Unexplored?

Do you know that 80 percent of the ocean is unexplored? Water covers about 75% of the earth but only four people have been to the deepest part of the ocean. Space has always been a famous exploration avenue for scientists while many mysteries of the ocean remain unsolved due to lack of interest, funding, and advanced equipment. 

Mysteries of the Sea

From mermaids to sea Krakens, From sunken Atlantis to Kumari Kandam, every mythology and every country’s history talks about the mysteries of the sea. Here are 8 such mysteries of the ocean.  

How Much of the Ocean Is Undiscovered?
  • A. 50%
  • B. 60%
  • C. 70%
  • D. 80%
  • Fresh Water 

The Cenotes of Mexico’s Yucatán peninsula were created by collapsed limestones that were hit by a comet or asteroid 66 million years ago. Divers have found fresh water in these sinkholes in the ocean at the depth of 60 miles and are unable to answer why.  

  • UFO

The Baltic Sea Anomaly came to light after treasure hunters found a 70 ft long object that resembled the remains of a UFO. A few scientists claim that they were due to glacier deposits while others claim it to be the remains of the Millenial Falcon Star.

  • Eerie Sounds

The Bloop was an unusual sound recorded by oceanographers. Scientists have no answer regarding the origin of sound. The current guesses revolve around giant sea monsters, huge whales and squids, military testing, or ice caving.  

  • Deepest Trench

The Mariana Trench is deep enough to sink Mt. Everest and its contents are still unknown to the world because only four expeditions have taken place and none have been able to reach its bottom so far. 

  • Lost Cities

Cities like Antaltis may be a myth but several other lost cities that have references in olden scriptures, temple carvings, folklores have strong evidence for their existence, and archaeologists have taken interest in it after the discovery of the remains of the Yonaguni Monument. 

  • Phantom Island 

The Bermeja Island is found only on the 16th-century maps and researchers found no traces of it while they explored the area in 2009. Usually, when such islands sink, the ocean bed would consist of remains of land organisms that would have once thrived on the Island but the lack of such evidence makes the disappearance of the Island questionable. 

  • The Devil’s Sea

The Devil’s Sea mystery is synonymous with the Bermuda triangle and scientists have no clue about the reason behind the vortexes, hexagonal clouds, and the whereabouts of planes, submarines, and shipwreck remains.

  •  Sea Monsters

Daedalus’ Sea serpent, The New Zealand Kraken, Scottish Stronsay Beast spotting are true and still a mystery for scientists. 

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