8 Surprising Historical Figures Who May Have Not Existed

Ashley | 10 - 26 - 2021
Historical Figures

The origin of historical figures is riddled with myths and misinformation. Here are 8 such interesting historical figures that may or may not have existed.

Figures That May Not Have Actually Existed

Unlike today, the only proof of existence in the past were scriptures and sculptures crafted with the history and origin of a certain entity. Most times, these also included mythical or fictional figures. 

Ancient Historical Figures

The leading reason for confusion about the existence of these important figures in history is due to war losses, theft, authorities forcing subjects to sing false praises, which later got perceived as the truth, and more.

Which of These Women Didn’t Exist?
  • A. Betty Crocker
  • B. Aunt Jemima
  • C. Carolyn Keene
  • D. All of the Above

King Arthur

King Arthur was yet another fictional ancient historical figure who emerged from “Le Morte d’Arthur,” a book Sir Thomas Malory wrote in the 5th or 6th century.  King Arthur is depicted to have saved Britain from the Saxon attack, but none of the available evidence relating to the war has his name on it. 


Lycurgus played an important role in shaping Sparta. Spartans were not known to record their deeds in writing. Thus, the reformer addressed every civil and criminal issue to bring the city under strict laws, the mastermind behind the success of Spartan warriors could have been a mythical God invented by Spartans.

Famous Historical Figures

These two famous figures that gave you nightmares during high school may not have existed in reality.


Most of our English lectures were filled with the works of Homer, especially poems like  “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey”. But do you know that there are no solid origin stories for this great poet? Though some people consider Homer to be a blind man, from Chios, data researchers have proved that most of the Greek poems from the 7th and 8th centuries were not written by sole authors and Homer’s poems are on the list too.


Are you familiar with the Pythagoras theorem? If yes, you would be baffled to know that nobody is sure about the existence of Pythagoras! Every information available about this mathematician at present was once circulated by his followers, who were considered to be a part of a numerology cult. He was assumed to be the son of Apollo.

Cool Historical Figures

These two dream heroes who taught you to share, be good, and rely on yourself are actually fictional, just like Santa Claus. 

Robin Hood

Robin Hood was our superhero before Marvel and DC made their advent into our lives. The character first appeared in ballads and poems from the 14th or 15th centuries. ‘Robe Hood’ and ‘Rabunhod’ were the usual names criminals adopted back in those days. Etymologists trace Robin Hood’s history to the heists of these criminals. 

John Henry

The famous slave who outran a machine and died with a sledgehammer in his hand is a famous story that sang the endurance of John Henry. It was used as a motivational ballad in the 18th century and has become immortal since then.

Interesting Fictional Historical Figures

Last on our list of historic figures who may not have existed is as follows:


Do you know that the sayings of Confucius were actually from a group of his disciples who wrote and preached under the same name? Research has proved that Confucius did exist at some point in Chia, but the saying circulating at present may not be entirely his work.


Let’s leave religion. If we look into Egypt’s meticulous records about royalty, scholars, and people who brought about change, Moses was nowhere to be found! Thus, the history of Moses is considered to be mere folklore by historians.

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