Air Force Reveals the Fastest Military Supercomputer Known as “Condor Cluster”

Iris | 04 - 01 - 2021
Condor Cluster

Air Force Reveals the Fastest Military Supercomputer

In 2010, the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) revealed its newest system, which is made out of 1760 Sony PlayStation 3(PS3) consoles. It is recognized as the world’s fastest interactive computer system in the entire Department of Defense (DoD), which is capable of executing 500 trillion floating-point operations per second (500 TFLOPS)

This Project began some years ago, and during that time, the PlayStation 3 supercomputer consoles cost around $599 each, and at the same time, other technologies cost around $10,000 per unit. And the overall air force supercomputer’s core costs about $2 million. And according to AFRL’s report, the condor cluster’s total cost is 5 % – 10% compared to other technologies.

This Condor Cluster, the array has a pack of 168 GPUs and 84 servers to direct traffic within the system, allowing all that power to work in parallel. One of this project’s major advantages is that it consumes just 10 percent of the power and the total cost is about $2 million.

In 2011 the United States Air Force Research Laboratory Built the Condor Cluster.
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This ps4 supercomputer cluster is now located in Rome, New York, formally presented at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The airforce centers across the country will use this PlayStation 3 supercomputer to assign tasks like radar enhancement, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and satellite imagery processing.

This air force PS3 supercomputer has better features; hence its speed allows it to examine the ultra-high-resolution images very quickly( at a rate of billion pixels per minute). This type of air force supercomputers can greatly reduce the amount of time. With its video game consoles cutting-edge graphics technology, this military supercomputer has a better algorithm that can identify the blurred flying objects in space.

The reason behind choosing PS3 consoles to build a supercomputer was cost-efficiency. The newer versions don’t allow for the installation of Linux, but the older version of PS3 does. But this feature was removed later due to security issues. Before the Air Force Ps3 supercomputer, a group in North Carolina built a PS3 supercomputer in 2007.

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