Alien Black Dragonfish Facts You Should Know!

Ashley | 04 - 22 - 2021
Black Dragonfish

Marvel movies normally revolve around characters and plots that are entirely out of this world. Most of us would have often wished how wonderful it would be if our favorite characters were true. 

Oceanographers have discovered the alien from the movie “VENOM” at the bottom of the ocean and named it the black dragonfish. Here are a few black dragonfish facts you should know. 

Normal Fish vs. a Black Dragonfish

  1. Even the most slippery eels have embedded scales, but the black dragonfish are void of scales in their body and are more slippery than an eel.
  2. Black dragonfish have chlorophyll in their eyes that is only found in plants. 
  3. They have an infrared spectrum that is invisible to most deepwater fish. Thus, making it easy to hunt in the dark.
  4. When threatened, they light up like a Christmas tree to blind their predators using the photophores present under their eyes, upper and lower body, while normal fish would run for their lives.
  5. Normal fish have teeth but not on their tongues like black dragonfish.

Deep-Sea Dragonfish Facts

  1. All the differences mentioned above are only found in the female population of the species. The only goal of the male population of the species is to reproduce.
  2. The sexual dimorphism is so high that the female is ten times bigger than the male who is not common in any other species.
  3. At the larva stage, black dragonfish have eyes on stalks a little far from the body. At the larva stage Black similar to snails.
  4. Females grow up to 40cm while males are only 5cm in length and live for a minimum of 10 years.
  5. The black dragonfish are bioluminescent can also display green light on their barbel to attract prey.

Predators and Other Dragonfish Information

1. Predators

Where Do the Black Dragonfish Live?
  • A. Atlantic Ocean
  • B. Pacific Ocean
  • C. Indian Ocean
  • D. All of the Above

The red flounder fish is the only predator of this species.

2. Color

The females are dark black with stripes, while the males are brown and stripless.

3. Are Black Dragonfish Poisonous Creatures?

No, even if they are poisonous, these fish are found in the bottom of the sea and surface only at night, so they are not a threat to humans.

4. What Does the Dragonfish Eat?

They usually eat anything that fits in their mouth. They can open their mouths wide enough to swallow prey as big as them.

5. Reproduction-

The male of the species doesn’t have digestive systems. They fertilize the eggs laid by females. The eggs hatch on the ocean surface, and the newborns swim back to the ocean after maturity.

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