Fascinating facts about Eels.

Emma | 06 - 28 - 2022

The first thing that springs to mind when we hear the word eel is its electrical power. But, much to our surprise, electric eels are not real eels and do not fall under the category of eels. Around 800 different eel fish species can be found worldwide. They all have comparable physical characteristics, such as extended bodies resembling snakes. Eels are carnivorous; they feed on shrimp, crabs, insects, worms, and even animal remains. Eels Can Swim Both Forward and Backwards.

What is special about Eel fish?

Eels are catadromous. Adult eels migrate to the Sargasso Sea to reproduce, and while on their journey they do not eat. Male eels build nets for the female ones, and a female eel can lay about ten million eggs in one sitting. They even feed on the unhatched eggs and smaller eels. When the eggs hatch, the newborn eels are shifted to streams, rivers, and lakes for over 3,700 miles by ocean currents. They can stay in freshwater for ten to twenty-five years before returning to the Sargasso Sea. Once they mature they immigrate, spawn and die. 

Eel Fish Belong to the Family of:
  • A. Anguilliformes
  • B. Gymnotiformes
  • C. carnivorous
  • D. Herbivorous

Eel nutrition facts:

Eels are famous in Japanese and Chinese cuisines. Japanese eel cuisine such as unadon and unajuu is expensive because it is made of fresh or marine water eels. Eels are a rich source of vitamins A, D, and B12. These vitamins are vital for energy production, and eye health, and improve immune function. Compared to other fish species, eels have low mercury content.

Electric eels:

Though they don’t belong to the family of real eels, their bodies resemble eels. They are intriguing because of their electric power. An electric eel has three special organs which release electric current up to 650 volts.

Eel’s weight and length:

The average weight of an eel ranges between 1.1 ounces and 55 pounds. Eels tend to grow about 5 feet to 11 feet in length.

How long does an Eel fish live?

The average lifespan of an eel is around 70 years. A European eel is reported to have lived in a backyard well for around 155 years. Kudos to the eel which survived two world wars!

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