America’s Most Haunted Places to Visit in 2020

Elmira | 02 - 13 - 2020
America’s Most Haunted Places to Visit in 2020

Most Haunted Place in America

You might be scared of discovering the fact that America is packed with spooky stories. It is filled with horror news and haunted forts, suffering, and death. Let’s explore the most haunted Place or spots to visit in America.

Are you ready to experience unusual incidents that include heavy footsteps, strange voices, and ghost appearances? These places will force you to leave early from there. Let’s scroll down to discover the spine-chilling places.

Haunted Place in America

1. The Whaley House, San Diego

Want to be frightened while exploring the Whaley House? It is believed that The Whaley House is known as the most haunted place in America. The visitors noticed strange sounds, footsteps and scenes/events. As per Paranormal experts’ investigation report, it seems true and this place appeared in Travel Channel’s America’s Most Haunted.

1. In which year The Great Chicago Fire occurred?
  • A. 1871
  • B. 1781
  • C. 1881
  • D. 1971

If you are hunger to know why it is haunted? Then let me tell you this house packed with past stories that add the suicide of Violet Whaley from the 2nd floor not only that it includes Yankee Jim Robinson who died by hanging himself. 

2. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park

Namely, The Colonial Revival hotel is located in Estes Park. Reportedly, The Stanley Hotel is remembered for its loud, crying sounds and footsteps in the corridors. Through Hotel staff and visitors’ statements, they noticed something pulling their clothes when nobody was around , To know more about Top Haunted Hotels view here.

3. Iroquois Theatre, Chicago

Around 600 people were killed by The Great Chicago Fire of 1871 which lasted 2 days. It got a tag “Death Alley” when people from the fire accident tried to escape. Today, people witness weird happenings such as the ghost in period attire, screaming sounds and they could smell smoke.

4. Gribble House, Savannah

In this place, a triple murder occurred in 1909. Reportedly, Gribble House is known for its devilish crimes in the city. It was a grisly scene when the police visited the place. Today, people discover frightening scenes that include the sense of somebody is touching you and pushing you, etc. Many paranormal squads have been sent for the investigations to that place and they found evidence of supernatural activities.

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