Best DC Comic TV Shows to Watch

Julia | 05 - 10 - 2022
Best DC TV shows

The DC Universe might not have had a solid ground on the big screens yet. But no other universe can triumph in the television industry as the DC shows can. From Speed Force to Demon hunting, the TV shows have attracted viewers from various genres to watch and eventually like the superhero arcs. 

We have the ultimate list of top 10 great DC TV shows of all time to watch and dive into the extraordinary world of superheroes.

Top 10 DC TV Shows

Which DC Series Features Angels and Demons?
  • A. Arrow
  • B. The Flash
  • C. Lucifer
  • D. Doom Patrol

10.DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow is a great DC TV series for Arrowverse fans but it is unfortunate that the show was canceled after seven seasons. Following the story of a time traveler, Rip Hunter, who tries to assemble a team of superheroes to fight against the antagonist’s evil plan and save the world, the series had a rocky start but eventually developed to be one of the top ranked DC TV shows.


Taking inspiration from the animated show Teen Titans, Titans is a gritty version of its animated version starring the older Titans. This show was once considered the best DC comic TV show before receiving poor reception for its third season and eventually getting canceled. The show revolved around a group of young superheroes fighting evil, it is also important to note that Titans is a part of a standalone universe.


Gotham gives fans a brief past of Commissioner James Gordon, one of the Caped Crusader’s most trusted allies. Gordon, who starts his police career as a Detective in the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department) to investigate the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne, uncovers and defends the crime-filled city of Gotham. The series gives a perfect origin story for Commissioner Gordon.

07.Doom Patrol 

Focusing on a team of traumatized superheroes, the group Doom Patrol is often speculated to be the base idea in the creation of Marvel Comics’ X-Men. The distorted group investigates a couple of the world’s weirdest incidents; things get complicated once The Chief disappears.

06.The Flash

The Flash is one of the top ranked DC TV shows and the most celebrated series by fans. Giving fans the story of Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, the series is a whirlwind of emotion, action, and plot twists. Season 3 of The Flash is considered to be the best of the entire series.


This is easily one of the best DC comic TV shows ever made. Arrow shows the life of Oliver Queen, the green archer vigilante of Star City. As the show progressed, fans started to fall in love with the characters and story. Even after the show ended, Arrow still remains one of the greatest DC TV shows of all time.


For those who wondered what Alfred, Bruce Wayne’s butler and one of Batman’s closest allies did before dedicating his life to looking after the Wayne family, Pennyworth has got you covered! The show reveals to fans that Alfred was a former British SAS soldier with an action-packed life running a Security Company.


This DC mini-series sure caught the attention of fans and became one of the best shows in the superhero genre. Set in an alternate history where masked vigilantes are recognized as criminals by the Government, a group of people plan to start a mutiny against the idea and another group tries to stop them before it’d invoke chaos.


DC always paves way for experimentation with different genres for fans. The show introduces viewers to Jesse Custer, a man with extraordinary powers who happens to take over his father’s church after his death. The show has an aura of dark comedy, something new and exciting for fans, thanks to Seth Rogen.


Who would not love the story of a devilishly handsome Devil? Yes, the series revolves around Lucifer, a fallen angel who is not satisfied with his life in Hell and comes to Earth. Throughout the show, Lucifer battles with the foreign feeling of love and fights villains – giving fans the best TV show experience. Lucifer tops the Best DC TV shows 2022 list to date.

Hope we got you the perfect watchlist for the best DC comic TV shows. Check out the quiz to test your initial knowledge of DC TV shows!

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