Best Marvel TV Shows of All Time

Julia | 18 - 04 - 2022
Best Marvel TV Shows Ranked

“Every end is a new beginning.” This quote surprisingly fits perfectly for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A culmination of 23 movies of the MCU—the ‘Infinity Saga’ saw the end of some favorite characters while others peacefully retired (sorry to drag you back Clint). Many thought this would be the final hit of the Studios and they can never give a big hit after the departure of the OG Avengers. But guess what? 

Marvel Studios announced several projects at the 2019 D23 Expo, and it was not just the usual movie projects. The announcement of Marvel Studios’ Live-Action Series stirred up the excitement and fans hoped for the best. And they were not deceived. Since the release of the MCU’s first live-action TV series, WandaVision, the studios rained fans with treats—and were also in the process of setting up a new storyline.

With the Multiverse looming over the future of Marvel characters, let’s take a look at the six best marvel tv shows to watch. 

Which is the Top Rated Marvel TV Show?
  • A. WandaVision
  • B. What If?
  • C. Hawkeye
  • D. Loki
  1. What If?

The nine-episode animated series introduced The Watcher, who observes how a little change from various ground-breaking MCU moments leads to a very different outcome. With the main live-action actors giving voice to their animated character counterparts, the show was widely anticipated for its ‘alternate universes’, bringing viewers a step closer to the Multiverse.

From seeing T’Challa as Star-Lord to witnessing the formation of a brand new group of Avengers, ‘What If?’ was a treat for fans expecting an alternate version of the original MCU moments.

  1. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

This is definitely one of the most popular marvel TV series. No other MCU TV series carried a high responsibility as The Falcon and The Winter Soldier did. With Steve Rogers aka Captain America handing over his long-held title to his comrade Sam Wilson aka Falcon—Sam had to gain the trust of the public and live up to Captain’s name. The show also focused on Bucky Barnes aka The Winter Soldier’s path to redemption, giving more spotlight on the character’s traumatic experience. 

The show gave fans many memorable characters like Isaiah Bradley, Karli Morgenthau, and the Power Broker (sorry but not you, John Walker.)

  1. Hawkeye

This came as much of a surprise to, well, everyone. Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is the only OG Avenger and one of the very few (or the only one) to get sidelined in the MCU. Barton was the only character to not get any sort of recognition throughout his time as an Avenger and it was a delight for fans when Marvel Studios announced a six-episode show for the master archer. 

What excited viewers the most was that the show was adapted from the 2012 Hawkeye comics by Matt Fraction and David Aja. This particular Hawkeye comic collection was praised by fans for its brilliant character portrayal and iconic storyline. The series was not disappointing at all. From the car chase sequence to the mention of the ‘boomerang arrow,’ the show did justice to one of the longest-running characters of the universe.

  1. Moon Knight

Leave it to Marvel (and Oscar Issac) to hype up viewers with a character who is not even related to the main MCU Universe (yet). With the release of just three episodes, the six-episode miniseries already became one of the most-watched Marvel TV Shows and also holds the title of the highest-rated pilot episode.

From stunning cast to introducing the most interesting mythology in the MCU, Moon Knight is on its way to becoming one of the best Marvel TV shows of all time. The show revolves around Oscar Issac’s character Steven Grant, an employee in a Gift Shop of the British Museum who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and shares another personality Marc Spector, a mercenary and the Avatar of the Egyptian God of Moon, Khonshu. 

The show doubles the excitement for fans as Marc fights his way to stop Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) from freeing Ammit, a monstrous deity who’d end up killing millions, donning the Moon Knight suit.   

  1. WandaVision

The first-ever television project of the Marvel Universe with a whole new theme, WandaVision was an experimentation of the Studios which easily became one of the six best marvel series to watch. Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Wanda Maximoff tries to move on after all she went through… but she just couldn’t.

We bet it’s very hard for fans to re-watch the show, after knowing why Wanda did it all (anyone chopping onions there?).

  1. Loki

Being one of the most-anticipated shows from Marvel Studios, the God of Mischief was given one of the most compelling story arcs in the Universe. Delving deeper into the concept of Multiverse, Loki easily became a fan-favorite show, with interesting characters, a great plot, and a mind-blowing cliffhanger.

Want to watch a show that’s funny, serious, and emotional? Just go watch Loki!

Test your knowledge on these exciting TV shows and make sure you are ready for Marvel’s upcoming ‘Multiversal Madness’.


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