Can You Recognize These Food Brand Names?

Ashley | 09 - 10 - 2020
Can You Recognize These Food Brand Names

Raise your hand if food has been your only companion through thick and thin! Family gatherings, get-togethers, school reunions, or office meetings the one thing that brings people together and makes the event special. Each country has its own native food, tasting them allows you to experience different cultures and traditions of the world. 

Happy, sad, confused, bored! The first thing that comes to our mind is food. There are many famous food brands and popular drink brands that have our hearts. If you are a foodie, then this quiz is for you. Here we have given pictures of the most popular food brands and canned food companies, take the quiz and check if you can recognize the food brand names and canned food brand names. We have also given a small clue to filter your guesses of food brand names.

1. This Oats Brand Was Introduced in 1877 and Was Owned by Pepsico since 2001.
  • A. Quaker Oats
  • B. Simply Balanced
  • C. The GFB
  • D. Qi’a
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