Can You Score a Touchdown In this “Oldest NFL teams” Quiz?

Ashley | 05 - 28 - 2021
Arizona Cardinals

The American Professional Football Association (APFA), founded in 1920 with 10 regional league teams from 4 states, was renamed in 1922 as the National Football League (NFL)

What Were the Original NFL Teams?

The 14 first NFL teams ever to play in the APFA and NFL games from 4 states are:

State Team Name
  • Hay’s Canton Bulldogs
  • Akron Pros
  • Cleveland Tigers
  • Dayton Triangles
  • Chicago Cardinals
  • Chicago Tigers
  • Decatur Staleys
  • Rock Island Independents
New York
  • Buffalo All- Americans
  • Rochester Jeffersons
  • Detroit Heralds

Old NFL Teams That No Longer Exist

Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears, who were earlier called Chicago Cardinals and Decatur Staleys, are the only original NFL teams that exist today.

Who Was the First Team in the NFL?
  • A. Green Bay Packers
  • B. Arizona Cardinals
  • C. Chicago Bears
  • D. All of the Above

The oldest NFL teams that no longer exist either faced serious fund issues or inter-team issues, causing their fall.

Fun Fact: The Chicago Cardinals scored 6-0 against Chicago Tigers to secure Chicago as their home field. 

What Football Team Is the Oldest?

  1. Arizona Cardinals from State Farm Stadium, Glendale, is one the Oldest NFL teams formed in 1898. They played the first NFL season in 1920 under the name Chicago Cardinals. The team later changed its name to Card- Pitt, St. Louis Cardinals, and Phoenix Cardinals before finally settling on Arizona Cardinals in 1994.
  2. The team played under the name Morgan Athletic Club during 1898. The team founder Chris O’Brian named the team “Cardinal Red” after getting jersey’s from the University of Chicago.
  3. The Cardinals were owned by the Bidwill family since 1932 and have been in operation during the Great Depression and World War Ⅱ as well. Thus, making Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears the oldest teams in the NFL by age.

Top 10 Oldest NFL Teams

The top 10 existing oldest teams in NFL are:

  1. Arizona Cardinals – 123 years old
  2. Chicago Bears – 100 years old 
  3. Green Bay Packers – 101 years old
  4. New York Giants – 95 years old
  5. Detroit Lions – 92 years old
  6. Washington Redskins – 88 years old
  7. Pittsburgh Steelers – 87 years old
  8. Philadelphia Eagles – 87 years old
  9. Los Angeles Rams – 85 years old
  10. Cleveland Browns – 76 years old

Are you ready to score a touchdown?

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