Discover Why Are Polar Bear Hairs Hollow?

Iris | 04 - 23 - 2021
Polar Bear

So, what makes polar bears white? Polar bear fur is not white, and they are translucent. They appear white as it reflects visible light. They are hollow, and their skin is black. Polar bears can camouflage into their Arctic environment well as they have white fur. Polar bears have a thick layer of body fat, which keeps them warm and insulates them in the cold Arctic air. 

Cool Facts About Polar Bear 

  • Polar bears have a strong cultural significance with Arctic people. But the biggest threat to these mammals is climate change.  
  • Polar bears are carnivorous members of the bear family, and they mostly feed on ringed seals as they need a large amount of fat to survive.  
  • Polar bears can last up to eight months without eating, especially during the summer season. 
  • Polar bears are good swimmers, and they can pace up to six miles per hour by paddling with their front paws and holding their hind legs flat like a rudder. 
  • Polar bears like to keep themselves clean because of their insulating properties of fur. They clean themselves by rolling out in the snow.   
  • These incredible mammals have a sensible sense of smell, and they can sniff out their prey from a distance of 16km away. 
  • Despite their gigantic appearance, these fluffy bears are good swimmers, and they can swim comfortably at 10km/hr using their wide paws. 
  • Polar bears have their way of communicating through the nose to nose greetings. 
  • The female polar bears give birth to polar cubs in November and December, and they are just 30cm long and only half a kilogram when they are born.      
  • Polar bears give birth to two or three cubs, and among them, they mostly give birth to twins. 
  • Male polar bears can weigh up to 800kg, which is equal to the weight of two female bears. These male polar bears are considered the largest carnivorous animal in the world.

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What Color Is a Polar Bear's Hair?
  • A. White
  • B. Transparent
  • C. Grey
  • D. All the Above
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