Polar Bear vs. Grizzly Bear: Major Differences

Elmira | 10 - 30 - 2021
polar bear vs grizzly bear

Polar bears and grizzly bears are the most popular bears. They attract many people because of their unique abilities and big size. How well do you know these majestic animals’ abilities and powers? Polar bears are incredible creatures with usual characteristics. Grizzly bears are a subspecies of the brown bear, which can be found in Northern America. They are known for their larger size, weight, and aggressive nature. Let’s learn more about these two amazing creatures through our polar bear vs grizzly bear trivia questions and choose which is your favorite.

Polar Bear vs Grizzly Bear

We have rounded up the most fascinating facts about a polar bear and grizzly bear.

Animals  Grizzly Bear Polar Bear
Family Ursidae Ursidae
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Average Length 6.5 ft 7 ft 10 inch – 9 feet ten inches
Average Tail 5 cm 7 to 13 cm
Average height 102 cm 133 cm
Class Mammalia Mammalia
Area Asia, Canada, Europe and North America Norway, Newfoundland island, united states, Canada, Denmark, Russia, Arctic
Habitat Near Alaska dense close to the coast and continental US Humid continental, arctic, sub and arctic circle
Order Omnivora, Carnivora Carnivora
Stamina 5 5
Teeth Sharp and large incisor teeth Canines are sharper, more jagged and larger
Weight 80 to 360 kg 350 to 700 kg
Average life Males 22 years and females 26 years Over 25 years


Which Is the Strongest Bear in the World?
  • A. Grizzly bear
  • B. Polar bear
  • C. Both
  • D. None of the Above

The Ultimate Comparison Between Polar Bears and Grizzly Bears

  • Polar bears are bigger than grizzly bears. They have more powerful paws and sharp teeth whereas grizzly bears are more aggressive, robust, and have a strong bone structure than polar bears.
  • Polar bears have thinner and longer skulls than grizzly bears. The grizzly bears are heavy, short, and have thick heads, and have robust shoulder structures.
  • Grizzly bears’ teeth are around 3 inches , often used to damage their prey. Polar bears have sharp teeth, mainly used for catching food and for aggressive behavior. Polar bears have a strong bite force.
  • Grizzly bears use their strong claws as a weapon. They use them for digging roots and grounds. Polar bears have a curved, thick, non-retractile claw that is used for grasping prey and running or climbing on ice. 
  • Both bears are heavy. Grizzly bears weigh 700 pounds. Male polar bears weigh between 770 pounds to over 1,300 pounds.
  • Both bears’ heads are stronger because of their thick bones all around. Their skulls can deflect rifle bullets.
  • It is a common misconception that grizzly bears are slow and big. They are fast and big with a speed of 35mph whereas polar bears can run up to about 40 kph.
  • Who would win a grizzly bear or a polar bear? Both bears are strong when it comes to abilities. But grizzly bears are more likely to beat polar bears in the battle for survival.


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