Do You Know A Cow’s Lifetime Milk Production Capacity?

Ashley | 05 - 15 - 2021
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Before we jump into a cow’s lifetime milk production capacity, here are few interesting facts about cows for you:

  1. The first cow came to Jamestown colony, America, in 1611.
  2.  Ayrshire, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn, Jersey, and Holstein are the six dairy breeds in America.
  3. It took about one hour for one person to milk 6 cows by hand before the invention of milking machines.
  4. A cow is called a heifer until it gives birth to a calf and starts producing milk.
  5. Cows can smell something 6 miles away while they see everything in color.
  6. A cow’s average lifespan is about 18-22 years.
  7. Cows can sleep while they are standing.
  8. Bulls often mount pregnant cows during their mating season. 
  9. Cows live in herds. Sudden noises or movement and isolation can affect them psychologically. 
  10. Few farm cows are known to hunt chickens and other small farm animals when they experience a fall in calcium levels in their food.

How Much Milk Does a Cow Produce in a Lifetime?

  1. The daily milk production of a dairy cow is 28 litres on average.
  2. The average milk production of a cow varies from breed, climate, number of times the cow has birthed calves, health, and various other factors.
  3. On average, a cow’s lifetime milk production capacity is about 18750 gallons which are about 200,000 glasses of milk.
  4. A cow can have about 8-10 calves in its lifetime and can produce milk for a minimum of 10 months to a maximum of 3 years after giving birth.
  5. Nowadays, cows are artificially inseminated 3 months after giving birth to fasten the rate of milk production.
  6. The gestation period for a cow is about 9 months which is similar to humans.
  7. Unlike beef cows that produce milk only enough for their calves, dairy cows die if not milked by humans since a calf can’t consume the entire milk of its mother.
  8. Cows can start breeding between the ages of 8-10 years.
  9. Cows mostly breed during January to June.
  10.  A Holstein cow set the world record of a cow producing the highest quantity of milk per day from Wisconsin named Hilda. The cow produced a total of 460,720 pounds of milk.

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How Many Liters of Milk Can a Cow Produce in a Lifetime?
  • A. 20,350 Gallons
  • B. 18,750 Gallons
  • C. 15,250 Gallons
  • D. 10,950 Gallons
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