The Most Expensive Pets in the World

Ashley | 03 - 03 - 2024

Some pets are known to live a better life than an averagely rich human. Here are 15 such luxury animals that are ridiculously cute and expensive and the most expensive pets in the world. 

Most Expensive Animal 

There are a few reasons why the most expensive pets are bred:

  • Unique characteristics 
  • Scarcity of the breed
  • The stature of previous owners 
  • Expensive health care and grooming of such animals 

The Most Expensive Pet in the World

A thoroughbred racehorse named Green Monkey was sold in 2006 for $16,000,000 making it the most expensive pet.  Green Monkey won the Kentucky Derby by running an eighth of a mile in 9.8 seconds. He was also the descendant of the Northern Dancer and the Secretariat. 

Which Is the Most Expensive Pet?
  • A. Green Monkey
  • B. Sir Lancelot Encore
  • C. Miss Missy
  • D. Big Splash

Most Expensive Cow

A Holstein cow named Missy was bought by a Canadian company for a whopping $1,200,000. Missy was known for producing more milk than her colleagues at work and was procured for her embryo. The company aims to produce more of Missy’s offspring in the future. 

World’s Most Expensive Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff pup named “Big Splash” is the most expensive dog to be sold ever($15,000,000). Tibetan Mastiffs appear to be a cross between a lion and a dog. The purebreds were termed to have “lion’s blood” and were used as guard dogs for the royals. The Chinese started popularizing these dogs as status symbols and crossbreeding with normal dogs to meet the new demand, leading to the decline of these ferocious breeds.  

Most Expensive Bird in the World

Macaws, Palm or Goliath Cockatoos, Toucans, and certain varieties of chickens are expensive birds in the world due to their beauty, scarcity, and unique characteristics. But racing pigeons are the most expensive of them all. Racing pigeons can be sold for $14,000,000 given their racing career.   

Other Expensive Pets 

Apart from the above, here are the top 10 expensive pets in the world:

  1. Arabian Horses
  2. Beauty Pageant Camels
  3. Albino Pythons
  4. Sir Lancelot Encore (Labrador), the first cloned dog.
  5. White Lions
  6. Chinese Crested Dog (Cruella DeVille’s Pet in 101 Dalmations)
  7. Chimpanzees
  8. Capuchin Monkey (From FRIENDS and Anaconda)
  9. Savannah Cats
  10. Stag Beetle ( Yes, its an insect)


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