Do You Know Why Fish Are Named after Other Animals?

Eliza | 02 - 15 - 2024

There are several species around the world and each of the species has its own name. The name of the species is often chosen by its distinguishing features or place where it is found but some name it after the person they like. On the other hand, some people go to other extremes and name the species after famous celebrities. A rare species of a housefly is named as Beyonce house fly and a beetle was named as George Bush beetle. But here we are going to learn about sea animals named after other animals. All these ocean animals are not only named after animals but also foods. 

Animals Named After Other Animals 

1. Catfish

Catfish is one of the famous sea animals named after other animals. Catfish is called a catfish because it has two to three pairs of barbels or feelers around the mouth. It is also said that while being caught in the net this fish makes noise a bit similar to a cat. 

2. Whale Shark

Whale or shark? Firstly, know the difference between a whale and a shark. Whales are mammals whereas a shark is a fish. Whale sharks come under the shark category. Confusing, right? Whale sharks are big as whales and have a filter-feeding system like whales but they are true sharks. The whale shark is one of the biggest fish in the world and it weighs up to 20,000 pounds and can grow up to 40 feet long. 

Whale Shark Is a Whale or a Shark?
  • A. Shark
  • B. Whale

3. Pancake Batfish

Pancake Batfish gets its name for its body shape and it belongs to the family of Ogcocephalidae. The size of the pancake batfish is 10cm which resembles a pancake. Combining the resemblances it’s called pancake batfish. This batfish variety is said to release an odor to attract its prey. 

4. Lionfish

As its name suggests the fish has long, flowing dorsal spines and wide fins with bright white and bold red colors that resemble a lion. It is also called turkey fish and turkey fish. The most popular variety of lionfish is red lionfish. This species was first reported on the coast of Florida. 

5. Seahorse

Sea horse is one of the famous fish named after other animals. Due to its unique structure and lack of scales, many think of it as a mammal but they are fish. They are found in both tropical and temperate climates. There are more than 40 known species of seahorses. There is no need for us to mention how it got its name.  

6. Sea Raven

Hemitripus americanus is popularly known as a sea raven. The reason why this spiny fish is named after the raven is unknown. This fish’s body has many spines and it also aids in camouflage. 

7. Lettuce Sea Slug

Elysia Crispata is popularly called lettuce sea slug or lettuce slug. They are large colorful species that fold over one another. Lettuce slug colors range from blue to green with red and purple lining. It is commonly found in the Caribbean sea and it got this name because it resembles ruffled lettuce.  

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