TV Trivia Questions and Answers

TV shows are always in trend, it’s the best way to kill time! What interests you the most? Soap opera, sitcom, reality shows, drama, children’s special? Name it and you got it. If you want to stay up-to-date on TV quiz games or TV trivia visit Trivia sharp. Are you ready to explore your favorite TV show trivia questions and take our TV show quiz?

Top Most Anticipated TV Shows of 2021
Get to know about the most anticipated tv shows in 2021. If you are a series freak then you definitely play our quizzes.
7 TV Stars Who Walked off Their Shows
Want to know why your favorite TV star chose to leave a hit series? Read our blog on TV stars who walked off their shows now!
The Most Tragic Characters in TV Series History
Have you cried watching tragic scenes? Check out the most tragic television characters in history whose sufferings made us upset.
7 Best Documentaries on Netflix Right Now
Do you know where Joe Exotic believes Carole Baskin's husband is buried in Tiger King? Read on to know more.
Popular Everyday Words That Were Invented By Movies/ TV Shows
Several words and phrases that we use today were invited onscreen by movies and TV shows? Here are a few of the most popular ones!
Top 9 Scariest Horror Villains of All the Time
Have you ever wondered how Norman Bates became the scariest horror villain of all time? Read now to know about horror villains.
All You Need to Know about the Series Social Distance (2020)
What if you get to watch what several people have been doing during the pandemic? This series features all of it. Read now!
Top 5 Television Comedians Who Died Too Soon
Do you know about the tragic suicide of the famous comedian Robim Williams? Check out the blog to know more.
Take a Wild Guess of the Real Ages of the Cast of the Grand Army Series
Did you know Amalia is the youngest one among the cast members? Play now to discover the real ages of the cast of the Grand army.
How Well Can You Answer These Disney Show Names?
Are you a great Disney fan? Play our Disney channel shows quiz to see if you can guess all the disney show names!
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