TV Trivia Questions and Answers

TV shows are always in trend, it’s the best way to kill time! What interests you the most? Soap opera, sitcom, reality shows, drama, children’s special? Name it and you got it. If you want to stay up-to-date on TV quiz games or TV trivia visit Trivia sharp. Are you ready to explore your favorite TV show trivia questions and take our TV show quiz?

The Most Popular TV shows on Netflix 2021
Do you know which is the most-watched TV show? Take our fun quiz on Netflix's top shows and movies.
The Best TV shows of 2021
More than 142 million Netflix subscribers around the world watched Squid Game in a month. Get to know the best TV shows of 2021.
Top 4 Longest Running TV Show In History
These longest-running shows in history are filled with fun, knowledge, and experience. Play the quiz to know their plot.
What Do You Know About Seinfeld Superman?
How much do you know about Seinfeld Superman? Play this engaging trivia to test your knowledge as a die hard fan immediately.
Six Squid Game Life Lessons That You Should Know
Want to know what life lessons Squid Game taught us? Read on to find out Squid Game life lessons.
Netflix’s Squid Game: Why It Becomes a Must-Watch Series?
If you haven’t heard about Netflix’s Squid Game that has recently become famous, you are at the right place to learn about it.
5 Best Korean Series of All Time
Crash Landing on You is the second highest-rated drama in cable television history! Discover the best Korean series.
Facts About the Most Famous Kpop Stars You Don’t Remember
Do you remember these important facts about these most famous Kpop stars? Only a true K-Popper can score 10/10 on this quiz.
7 Best Kpop Fandoms and Their Quirky Nature
Hey sasaeng! Find out the best K-pop fandoms in the world and know how good a fan you are with an engaging K-popper quiz!
Money Heist New Season: How Well Do You Know the Plot?
The eagerly-awaited Netflix's Money Heist 5 has dropped. Let’s dive into the plot of the Money Heist’s new season.
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