TV Trivia Questions and Answers

TV shows are always in trend, it’s the best way to kill time! What interests you the most? Soap opera, sitcom, reality shows, drama, children’s special? Name it and you got it. If you want to stay up-to-date on TV quiz games or TV trivia visit Trivia sharp. Are you ready to explore your favorite TV show trivia questions and take our TV show quiz?

The 7 Best TV Sitcoms of All Time
What is Chandler Bing’s original job specialization? Know some fun details of the best sitcoms ever here.
Everything You Should Know about Lovecraft Country
Find some intriguing facts about the American horror series Lovecraft Country also learn about its plot, cast, & more.
Top 5 “90 Day Fiance” Secrets That Will Drive You Crazy
Are you a big fan of the show “90 Day Fiance”? Let’s see if you can answer these questions.
Who Is the Most Famous Cartoon Character?
Always been a fan of our adorable bosom buddy Mickey mouse? Here are some less known facts about him.
What Was the First Toy Advertised on Television in the USA?
Do you know who got the first idea to advertise toys on television, not to mention it was a big hit. Read and learn more.
10 Best Netflix Series 2020
It is difficult to find the best Netflix series to watch in 2020. Let us help you. Get ready to binge the best Netflix shows!
Which TV Show Did a Young Leonardo Dicaprio First Star In?
Oscar-winning actor Leonardo Dicaprio first acted at age five on the children's TV show in the early 90s.
Game of Thrones Questions and Answers
Game of Thrones is still fresh in our thoughts! As a GOT fan you should definitely take up these question and answers.
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