Everything You Need to Know About Groundhogs, the Little Weather Predictors

Emma | 01 - 31 - 2023

Surprising facts about groundhog day

The little Squishy animal Groundhog also known as woodchuck is a famous tiny animal which can be seen in abundance in the United States (US) after Squirrel. Every year on February 2nd, Groundhog day is celebrated in the US and Canada.  When European settlers first arrived in North America, a tradition of Groundhog Day celebrations emerged. It is predicted that there will be six more weeks of winter if the groundhog sees its shadow; but, if it doesn’t, it is predicted that spring will arrive earlier.

The Pennsylvania Dutch subsequently embraced this culture, which is still in use today in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, where thousands of tourists gather each year to see Punxsutawney Phil, the famed groundhog, give his forecast. Continue reading to know some interesting facts about Groundhog day. 

Facts about groundhogs

  • Groundhogs are a kind of rodent related to squirrels and are also referred to as marmots. Due to the brief, high-pitched whistles that groundhogs make, they are sometimes known as “whistle-pigs” in addition to “woodchucks.”
  • These tiny beings weigh about 13 lbs, which is double the weight of an infant human. Their tails can extend up to 25 cm, and their average size ranges from 17 to 24 inches.
  • Groundhogs are very protective about their home. The dig burrows about 6 feet deep and 20 feet wide with more than a dozen doorways. During winter they borrow in the woods and during the summer and the warmer days they burrow in grassy areas.  They are clean freaks and prefer solitary. 
  • They prefer to eat fruits, vegetables, crops, grasses, and tree bark because they are primarily herbivores. However, they also eat grubs, snails, insects, and baby birds. Groundhogs can climb trees efficiently and are good swimmers.
  • Groundhogs go into hibernation for around three months. Hibernation is a process animals take up in order to survive winter. This is a period where they go into deep sleep without eating much. Ideally, they mate in the first few days of March. Female groundhogs can have three to six litters at once, and occasionally even ten.
  • A newborn groundhog is just 4 inches long and is born pink, blind, and hairless. 

Hope this blog on facts about groundhogs was interesting and informative. 

When is Groundhog Day celebrated in the United States?
  • A. February 2nd
  • B. March 2nd
  • C. April 2nd
  • D. May 2nd
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