Immortal Animals and Plants

Ashley | 02 - 11 - 2022
Immortal animals

Immortal Animals & Plants:

Immortality in the below-mentioned animals and plants means that they will die either at the hands of their predators or sickness rather than old age. Though cockroaches are capable of surviving the apocalypse, they did not make it to this list.

5 Animals That Live Forever

Find out how these 10 immortal animals cheat the norms of mother nature and live perpetually below:


Turritopsis doohmii is the only jellyfish species that has the ability to live forever. These tiny creatures return back to their polyp stage— the first stage, three days after detecting untreatable sickness or injury. They begin their entire lifecycle all over again from there.

Which Is the Animal That Never Dies?
  • A. Sponges
  • B. Sea Urchins
  • C. Jellyfish
  • D. Crabs


For those who are not familiar with asexual reproduction, any bacteria and virus cut into multiple parts can result in multiple individuals of the same species. Similarly, regenerating flatworms can regrow into individual worms after being cut across or lengthwise. These are some of the animals that can live after death. 


Red ocean lobsters commonly known as ever-growing lobsters, grow and reproduce until death. Humans and other aquatic animals are their common predators in the wild. At present, overfishing is containing their population. 


I guess it’s the water that makes most aquatic species like sponges, urchins, tortoise, rockfish, lungfish, hydra, bowhead whales, and Greenland sharks immortal. Clams have an unreasonably slow aging process that makes them immortal


These microorganisms can survive 30 years without food and water, endure 300-degree temperatures, pressure stronger than the ocean’s heavy radiation, and an apocalypse. They do it all by hibernating! Yes, the organism enters a static stage halting all metabolic activities to prevent aging. These translucent species are found across the world on moss trees. You can locate this tiny piglike creature with eight legs under proper lighting.  

Can Plants Be Immortal?

Are plants immortal given that certain trees tend to live on and on forever? Well, except for Welwitschia, most immortal plants are actually clones. 

Welwitschia in Afrikaans  means “two leaves that don’t die”. The plant’s genome went through DNA methylation 1-2 million years ago due to extreme heat and drought. This promoted leaves to grow near new cell generation basals rather than stems and branches, making the plant immortal.

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