Famous Easter Parades From Around the World

Ashley | 03 - 21 - 2021
Easter Parades

From St.Patrick’s Day parade to the New Year’s Eve parade, every parade ever celebrated is a chance to recognize and honor the essence of the day. The flamboyant costumes, spectacular floaties, and intricately designed carriages are a sight to behold. 

Where Are the Most Famous Easter Parades Held?

Parades create a sense of bonding with the nation we live in, giving us beautiful memories with family and friends. A parade is like a Met Gala for the masses where anything and everything is welcomed. The most famous Easter parades are:

  1. The New York Easter Parade has its origins in the mid 19th century after the end of the Civil War. Every year thousands of New Yorkers and tourists take part in this parade that starts around 10 a.m in 49th street and ends around 4 p.m in 57th street of 5th avenue. 
  2. The London parade is held on an Easter Sunday at 3 p.m in Battersea Park, London. The parade is sponsored by the London Tourism Board, themed on events that occurred in the past. 
  3. New Orleans Historic French Quarter Parade Is celebrated after the daughter of Count Arnaud suggested celebrating it. The parade starts around 10.30 a.m at Arnaud’s restaurant followed by a mass at St. Louis cathedral and ends in Royal Street.
  4. Toronto Beach Lions Easter Parade is celebrated from 1966 on Easter Sunday. Sponsored by the Lions Club, the parade commences around 2 p.m at Neville Park Boulevard and ends at 3 p.m in Woodbine. 

What Is the Easter Bonnet Parade?

The New York Parade is fondly known as the Easter bonnet parade. Participants usually dress in colorful costumes adorning extravagant bonnets with mind-blowing designs. The parade consists of enthralling sizes of floaties followed by creatively designed carriages depicting the history of the U.S or any current events.

Where Is the Most Famous Easter Parade Held?
  • A. New York
  • B. London
  • C. Toronto
  • D. New Orleans

Why Did They Wear Bonnets?

The Easter bonnet history dates back to 1858 when Queen Victoria attended the easter parade with a bonnet followed by several Christian women showing off their new bonnet during the Easter mass at Church. The bonnets are a tradition borrowed by the U.S in the 1870s that has rapidly evolved into the modern-day’s crazy bonnet festival. New York is a diverse city, participants are usually from around the world, so they were bonnets that depict their emotions, ideologies, culture, and favorite celebrities. Some have even gone to the extent of having nest-like bonnets with live birds perched atop.

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