7 Craziest Easter Tradition around the World

Iris | 03 - 19 - 2021
Craziest Easter

Easter is celebrated in every part of the country. But it is widely recognized in the places where large numbers of Christians live. Every part of the world and every family has its own Easter traditions like sharing candies, Easter eggs. In the United States, people spend a lot of money on Easter Candies. And there are so many different types of traditions like the American Easter tradition, Easter Monday tradition, Easter Sunday tradition, and so on. Enhance your knowledge of Easter through our Easter trivia quiz and also know about different Easter traditions around the world through a blog. Also, don’t forget to entertain yourself with our quiz.  

List of Easter Traditions around the World 

1. Butter Lambs of Russia

Butter Lambs
In Russia, the Easter meal is accompanied by lamb-shaped butter. This tradition is likely to come from central and eastern Europe. In the ancient period, it was considered a lucky omen to meet the lamb. In simpler terms, it represents Jesus.

2. The Easter Bilby from Australia

Easter Bilby
To raise awareness about the bilby population, Australia decided to take bilby-shaped chocolate as an Easter tradition. Australia’s very own easter bunny is also known as a rabbit-eared bandicoot.

Where is the Biggest Easter Egg in the World?
  • A. Brazil
  • B. Mexico
  • C. Argentina
  • D. Colombia

3. World’s Biggest Eater Omelette from France

Biggest Eater Omelette
Easter Monday tradition is famous in France. As the residents of France gather around the main square to crack more than 4,500 eggs into a big pan to make a gigantic omelet that can serve more than 1000 people.

4. Kite Flying in Bermuda

Kite Flying
Easter begins on Friday itself in Bermuda with a kite fest. Not only the residents, but even the tourists also participate in the kite fest. And they also Easter Sunday tradition where the Bermudians attend the sunrise events held on the islands.

5. Only Red Eggs in Italy

Red Eggs
Easter is known for its multicolored eggs and decorated eggs all over the world. But in Italy, you will be able to find only red-colored eggs. The red color represents the blood of Christ and the egg is recognized as the symbol of the renewal of life.

6. Crime Time in Norway

Crime Time in Norway
For a long period of time easter time is recognized as a criminal intent in Norway. From television shows to milk cartons there will be detective and crime stories everywhere. And new detective novels are intended to be released before Easter.

7. The Great Easter Bunny Hunt in New Zealand

Easter Bunny Hunt
When the whole world hunts for the hidden eggs in their house. The people of New Zealand prepare themselves for Central Otago’s Great Easter Bunny Hunt.

Here we have listed some interesting facts about Easter Eggs only for you. Read interesting facts about Easter and other holidays and enjoy attending our trivia quiz questions.

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