Fascinating Cotton Candy Facts That Will Leave You in Surprise

Elmira | 04 - 06 - 2021
Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a perfect blend of sugar and a lot of air. It resembles cotton and sugar is the only ingredient used to prepare it. You might have known that cotton candy is prepared by melting, liquefying sugar, and spinning through tiny holes until it turns into fine strands. If you love those cotton candy bites, then you deserve to learn these fun facts about cotton candy.

Amazing Cotton Candy Facts

When was the cotton candy machine invented? Scroll down to uncover the history of cotton candy. These intriguing facts about cotton candy will make you feel astonished.

When Was Cotton Candy Invented?
  • A. 1700
  • B. 1790
  • C. 1790
  • D. 1897

1.Who Invented the Cotton Candy Machine?

Surprisingly, cotton candy was first introduced by a dentist Dr. William Morrison of Nashville. 

How did cotton candy get its name? In 1897, he along with a candy maker John C. Wharton created a device that could melt the sugar and blew it through a fine screen to create “Fairy Floss.” Then he popularized it at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. This event helped to produce 68,000 boxes and each box’s value was $25.

2.Later, Another Scientist Improved Its Design

One more scientist Dr. Josef Lascaux from New Orleans updated the design of the cotton candy in 1921 and trademarked the name as cotton candy.

3.Cotton Candy Is the Thinnest Candy

You will be amazed to know that cotton candy is thinner than a strand of human hair.

4.What Is Cotton Candy Called around the World?

Cotton candy received different names in different countries.

In the United Kingdom and India, it is referred to as candy floss and it is called fairy floss in Finland and Australia. What do Americans call cotton candy? It is called cotton candy. In France, it is named as “papa’s beard” (barbe à papa) and in Greece, it is known as old ladies’ hair. In the Netherlands, it’s called suikerspin meaning “sugar spider.” In England also it is known as candy floss.

5.National Cotton Candy Day 

Like other dessert days, National Cotton day is observed on December 7 every year.

6.Other Versions of Cotton Candy 

In Iran, people have pashmak. It is a type of sugar candy with sesame added to sugar before they melt it. In Bhutan, they introduced ngathrek golop lhakpa which is spun sugar made with butter tea and chilli pepper. In Turkey, people introduced Pi˛smaniye that is a spun sugar mixed with buttered flour. In China, they make dragon’s beard candy by mixing peanuts and coconut. 

7.Cotton Candy Is Healthy Compared to Other Desserts

Cotton candy is prepared with two ingredients such as air and colored sugar. So it is healthier than other desserts. A twelve-ounce can of soda has more sugar than cotton candy.

8.Where Was Cotton Candy Invented?

Different versions of spun sugar were introduced in Italy in the early 15th century. In 1897, the machine spun sugar cotton candy was invented.

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